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I fully agree with you, but i did challenge myself to do all levels. I know nl2 will take a lot of my time in start. Hope u enjoy the challenge and thanks by share your opinion

Nov. 20, 2023 | 9:45 a.m.

Post | Unlimited.Poker posted in Chatter: Challenge 100$->31 Dec 2024

Hello poker lovers,

I saw a lot of BR challenges skip limits/rules or just "end". So, i will do a realistic challenge starting with 100$ (is a value i think most of the people can start) at nl2 in GGPoker (RC and Reg tables) without have any real target about $$$ or limits! (In my mind i have at least nl200)

MOVE UP---100BI of higher limit
MOVE DOWN---100BI of lower limit
100k hands per month minimum (Nov 23 doesnt count and i can "fail" 1 month during 2024)
Withdraw 50% of profit at end of month
Monthly updates here (Monthly and Overall)
Weekly updates (monday) in instagram---https://www.instagram.com/unlimited.pkr/

Streaming--->Q1/Q2 2024
YT videos--->Q1/Q2 2024
Community discord--->Q1 2024

Out of poker
I m kinda above weight and will do exercise 5-6 days per week trying reach my best shape ever. Will bring some news about this too since i think is so important and i as so many poker players are lazy about this. But i need get a healthy lifestyle and like what i see in mirror

Why i will do this?!
Yes, i will "lose" money by play so much time micro limits, but i want do a realistic challenge with rules what any player can use (i could be more agressive, but i saw a lotttttttt of agressive bankroll management challenges or just jump to higher limits with 5-10 bi)
I have objective of coach in future, so i think this is a way to proof my results
Any other good opportunities

Hope u like my journey, see u soon!!!

Nov. 17, 2023 | 3:20 p.m.

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