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In this episode, Peter talks about a hand where:

Unknown raises to 3BB on the button
Aggro rec calls in SB
We call in SB with JhTh

Flop is Kh9h3c
Aggro rec donks into us for 7BB
We call with JhTh

This is a spot where I would almost always raise with my FD + gutshot, to attempt to push the aggro rec off better hands than mine, primarily Kx, which I would place as a large range for villain. If I'm 3 bet by the SB, I can likely find a fold, if they call, I can either proceed depending on the turn, potentially betting to continue my semi-bluff or if I hit my draw.

Is my line of thinking incorrect?


May 29, 2020 | 2:22 p.m.

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