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I would be very thankful if somebody, who knows the site better than me or any new subscriber, could make even a playlist, or list of some sort. That combines some videos into easier learning paths, for example take a subject 6-max cash games -> make a list of videos that you think go well together, and give a solid lesson on all the parts of the game, same with other subject such as mtts and plo.
In mean time im just browsing through the library pointlessly looking for something to grasp on to. So far i have enjoyed most of the videos i have watched and have learned couple of things here and there, but nothing major to add to my own game, it seems like most "math" videos are more focused on explaining the math behind some core idea, instead of putting it in to real life use.

Dec. 20, 2018 | 1:34 p.m.

In my opinion the learning paths are poorly built, and they make learning really slow and painful.
As the main problem i see is that there is 100+ coaches on this site, who all have different 10 opinions on all the subjects, and not all the same coaches do videos on ALL topics.
So you must watch preflop mtt video from guy X, who plays style XX. Then you must a watch completely different guy Y, do a video about 3 bets, and folding to 3 bets, BUT he plays his own YY style anyway, which is majorly different from guy X's. Then how about postflop? Guy X doesnt do postflop videos - you have to learn from guy Z, whos preflop ranges are different, WHICH BY THE WAY hugely impact this postflop play, cos you end up in entirely different situations.
And this same patterns goes for all the parts of the learning paths, which makes the learning paths really incomplete and confusing, and on top of that, most of the good videos are on the elite pro, so the essential subscribers are left with this puzzle of junk they need to built their theory from. And if you're not a above average player and above average learner, you cant value of each persons advice in the right amount, "should i listen to guy X on this, and Y on this, maybe guy Z has something to say? Whos game is the most beneficial for me?", the answer to those is: you dont know, you will never know unless you try -> hours and hours spent on figuring out what to believe, which is taken from the time you could be practicing the fundamentals and building your core strategy.

What i would like to see is completely training paths from one or two coaches, who work together to make a COMPLETE view of the main fundamentals of the subject.


Dec. 19, 2018 | 12:02 p.m.

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