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Thanks for the feedback!
I didn't mean to change vs pool. I wont change a winning strat vs pool, but specifically for this type of opponent. They don't appear often but they do. Luckily most are recs, but let's say a good opponent decides to play that way. Of course it is exploitable by the 4b scenario you described and it is probably the best way to do it but Im on something else. First of all I think it is a crime to min open then raise only to fold. Even If I call wider, I can't just fold the bottom 30% of the opening range constantly. It is one thing to fold once in four times vs 3b, it is another to fold two out of three or even more.
If a villain is going to an extreme aggressive deviation, why wouldn't I take him to a tree he most likely has no clue how to play in and also use his uncontrolled agression (because uncontrolled agr pre translates to uncontrolled agr post most likely) thus betting mistakes where basically Im counting on him not understanding how bad a spot it is for him to play 100% or 70% of hands in a higher SPR, with positional disadvantage, range disadvantage spot (because no matter if it goes limp-xb or limp-iso call I get a way tighter range). The only advantage he has is nuts cause I cant imagine limp-calling a good frequency of 99+, AQ+. Also he realizes hands that he would fold but I would trade that. I don't want to shrink opening range thats why i want to split it to 4bb open but limp the rest of the hands. Question is how to balance that?

Jan. 5, 2022 | 5:32 p.m.

Hi guys, I'm playing HU NL100 zoom and I'm beating it at a good rate since most people have severe gto deviations. Despite that I'm not a veteran, pro for 2 yrs, HU for 4 months, possibly around 150k hands. Last night for the first time since I'm playing HU I had to make a heavy preflop adjustment and it's fair to say I didn't know what I was doing. Im rarely put in a tough decision in these stakes but this guy who was tagged as a good reg from my 6max days, 3b me 65% of the time. Obviously open folding a large amount of hands is a disaster, so I started tightening, going 4bb then min 4b or straight jamming, or I limp call/limp reraised. Although I took the biggest pots and won 2 or 3 buyins from him cause he has other leaks, game had such a dynamic that it took me to a tree I don't know how to play. What would be a go to strat of 4bb/limp call/limp reraise vs such an opponent because I saw other people doing it too but were way too recreational to think that deeply. What hands go where in such a dynamic. This may not be the optimal solution and I'm open to other adjustments. But as a start lets think about
What hands open to 4bb then jam?
What hands open and min raise?
Which is better? Why and how to adjust?
What trash classes or percentages opens to 4bb and fold? Do I even have to polarize here or go linear only the hands that dont fold to 3b anyway?
What hands limp call?
What hands limp reraise value?
What hands limp reraise bluff?
What hands limp fold?
Do I limp fold any? How wide can I go to with limping without info about his iso range?
Any other things I don't see?
This is so far from gto that I'm lost.

Jan. 5, 2022 | 10:52 a.m.

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