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It seems like a bad idea in turbo-tournaments, because situations change faster, but what about slow tournaments?

Dec. 3, 2020 | 3:10 a.m.

Post | antrax7 posted in MTT: Full exploite vs 95% exploite

Hi. I heard from a few coaches, that if we can get max EV from exploiting someone, we should do this. But at poker tables sometimes i face situation, that even bad players pretty fast adapt, if i trying to get max EV from exploite every time.
For example: 6-max table, we seat between weak tight players and pretty often we could +EV steal from SB with any2 cards. But if opponent only once see our 72o/32o at showdown, he starting defend his blind much loose vs us.
So questions is: How bad is idea of exploite 95% instead full exploite to keep opponents strategy weak?

Dec. 3, 2020 | 3:06 a.m.

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