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Nick Johnson


Nick is a 32 year old cash pro from and based out of Columbus, Ohio specializing in PLO and NLHE in all their forms whether that be live full ring PLO games or online HU NLHE games.

Although he is a cash pro, he is quite proficient in tournaments all while learning to become more proficient in mixed games.

Nick founded and ran the day to day operations of both the training site and YouTube channel known as Arch City Poker, which focused on helping players of all levels improve in primarily PLO and NLHE cash games.

His approach to the game focuses on having a strong understanding of game theory and what's relevant to each player pool in order to be able to quickly adjust and exploit if and when necessary.

Nick enjoys watching and playing sports, aviation and attempting to fly small airplanes, as well as animals although his cats can be quite mischievous sometimes.

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