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I would consider my range KT JT AJ AT. I wouldn't include too many Ax as I prefer them in my cbetting range. 

We can fold  558/1655+558 (aprox 25%) If our boat range is KT KJ this means 12 combos. We can fold 36 combos. If we have AJ AT in our range, this means 24 more combos. However, it depends on the number of other combos that can possibly xbehind/callturn/fold river like Jxhh and Txhh. This makes this a very tough spot, where the solution depends on our strategy on the flop. If we decide to check behind more hands than Jx or Tx w flushdraw or backdoor flush, then we should start calling sometimes Ax. We have 36 combos of straight+boats, and if we fold all the straights (24 combos)+ the midpair with backdoors or FD (10 combos), we could start being exploitable. (more than 75% of folds). 

Sept. 8, 2013 | 2:47 p.m.

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