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Hi all,

These are images of my last three years of PLO HU, mostly 2/4-10/20. I've filtered for different potsizes and was surprized by what I found. As the images show I'm losing -6.4bb/100 at potsizes of 0-100bb and the worst being sizes of 50-60bb where I lose at the ridiculous rate of -234bb/100 over 8000 hands. In bigger pots I fare a lot better, my winrate is very good in these pots. This may mean I have some very big leaks in my overall game, but there are some arguments against that assumption:

-Rake will affect smaller pots more than bigger.
- My playing style may mean I give up smaller pots more often
- There may be, for some reason, certain potsizes that favor other players than me, say I tend to call flop and fold turn often in 3bet pots or similar.

But I do feel these reasons doesn't cover enough. I would really appreciate some feedback on this, whether someone can point out obvious leaks, someone have similar numbers etc. I do believe the won or without showdown may be relevant here, but feel free to ignore that part of the graph.


Nov. 23, 2014 | 9:50 p.m.

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