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ive played on globalpoker for 4 years and i have had vpn on at times for other websites and privacy. For 4 years it was not a problem traveling, playing, redeeming, vpn or no vpn. Why now? This should not be a reason they steal my funds.

also to note. they say we can play outside country but they all the sudden block their site January last year. i honestly wasnt thinking much about vpn at the time cuz i used it for 4 years(not for globalpoker purposes but had it on while playing)

yea sure bann me but give me back my fkkng money! i will gladly not play on global. A bunch of crooked thieves

March 15, 2022 | 7:53 a.m.

Global Poker straight up robbed me for over $16,000 on my account. I was traveling last year and playing. Even until now they say it is ok to play outside of jurisdiction but just cant redeem prizes. I am a permanent resident in the US and am a US citizen. Im fine with going back to the states to redeem my prize. Around last year february or march i tried to withdrawal not knowing i cant withdrawal outside jurisdiction and the denied my withdrawal. At first they said just come back to the states and they will unblock me and help me with the withdrawal process. I said thats fine and ill be back in the states soon. Then couple days later they sent me email saying i was hiding my geolocation and took all my funds. I have many back and forth emails arguing to return my funds but they still stole all my funds.

I mean what the actuall fk is this. Global poker are you *ing kidding me?! Is this what u guys do to players after you change terms and change site without notifying your players. and ** steal?!

Can anyone help me get my funds back?
David Lyons? anyone know his email?

My ID is bae_yeonsoo

March 15, 2022 | 7:39 a.m.

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