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Thanks for the video. Watched it a time I was really struggling with my approach to the game. Questioning were to start with analysing my data in order to find my leaks.

What hit me most was the part about the downswing. I realised lately I put in a lot of volume in some MTT's during the holidays and instead of searching for spots to improve I mostly stuck with whining to myself about the flips/2 outers and checking how much under EV I ran for the day.

Feel like after watching this video I found back the motivation to search for the best ways of improving and take more time to study. Going to check out PokerSnowie. Feels like exactly the tool I am looking for at the moment.

Jan. 10, 2020 | 8:18 p.m.

Post | bros1987 posted in MTT: Starting analysing your data

I'm fairly new to trying to improve my (micro) MTT game. I have poktertacker 4 since october last year and signed up here around the same time. Mostly I have watched the MTT fundamentals course and some video's on setting up a tournament HUD.

I played a lot of volume around the holidays so I have a fair number of data to analyze/find leaks. But I'm a little clueless on how to proceed. I have a lot of data and like to browse trough but I feel like it's mostly looking at numbers instead of having a clear goal on what I am looking and finding the right info.

Do you have some starting tips our video suggestions on data analysing my database that can help me improve my game/plug some leaks?

Looking forward to improve this year and get a positive ROI on my tournaments.

Jan. 9, 2020 | 11:29 a.m.

I recently started back playing. I enjoy playing a few micro MTT 2-3 nights a week and some live tournaments like once a month. I used to play micro cash (25NL fullring) between 2008-2011 and PLO up to 10PLO. I have won a decent amount in these micro games which covered costs and bankrolled all 5 of my Las Vegas trips in that period. However at some point it started getting harder and harder to keep up the winrate and in the end it was sort of just breakeven at the tables and just a small profit from rakeback. I quit after probably 3 million hands (which may sound redicuelessnes for some at these levels) Never saw myself as a great player more as a player who profited from players who were worse and beiing able to tell if I was up against better players and avoid them.

Long story short I recently started playing some MTT's again as a hobby. Never really focused on them back then besides playing them occasionaly. I enjoy playing a deepstack live tournament for fun and started winning 2 small ones back-to-back and finishing 3rd in a $3 tourney on stars with 4000 runners. These results gave me a nice bankroll to keep playing but now i want to improve. I keep playing micro's online and want to play some bigger live tournaments (I am in the position to go to Rozvadov, Chech republic 3/4 times a year if I like) But I don't really know were to start plugging my leaks.

I feel like I'm playing mostly based on "gut feeling" and stuff I remember. I feel like deepstacked I'm comfortable early in tournaments and also my <15BB shoving game is allright. My greatest leakes will be playing a deepstack later on in tournaments. I've been in a position many times lately where I will have build up a 100BB+ stack after the bubble in big fields with over 2000/3000 runners but can't maintain my stack. Play to tight maybe and end up flipping out of the tournament in 80th place or so. I feel like I don't use my big stack efficiently or good enough. So that's something I need to improve.

Which video's should I watch? I don't really know were to start. Maybe I need to recheck everything from the start. Potodds etc. Do I still know that stuff after all these years? etc. Should I go back to using software for MTT's. I watch Lex Veldhuix a lot on twitch so I see it is possible without.

So hope someone has some good tips were to start again and from there improve my recently found again hobby.

Dec. 16, 2017 | 6:20 a.m.

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