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Post | bttrkks posted in MTT: Defending Blinds simplefied?


so i watched the video for defending blinds, but i honestly didnt understand much. What i understood is, that i should play a wide Range as BB, because we are expecting that CO or BU will play with very wide range as well. The question i have now, how to find out, which range i should play?

So i googled a little bit and found this Stat for the HUD: Raise in first (Probably only CU and BU are interesting for us or?

So lets say i put this stat into my HUD, i assume its important to put the position for that stat only for BU and or CO, is that correct?

If so, how do i read the stat correctly and how do i know which ranges i should play according to the percentage of the raises of the villain on BU or CU.

Hope somebody can help me, i think that topic is really interesting and important, because i struggle with that alot.


Dec. 30, 2018 | 5:41 a.m.

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