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I'm a 26 year old poker player from the UK, playing professionally since 2017. I currently play 500nl-2knl HU and 6max on Pokerstars under the screenname "Clanty", with an aim to keep on moving up. I occasionally stream my play on Twitch at

I'm extremely competitive, and as such, pride myself on playing in any lineup in both HU and 6max formats and still coming out a strong winner. Despite being on the loose and sometimes spewy side, I try to base my game on theory, instead of how I think population approaches each and every spot; in my mind, future-proofing your Poker game is one of the most beneficial services you can do for yourself.

Outside of Poker I try to stay fit and active. I lost a lot of weight toward the end of 2020, and plan to continue moving forward.

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