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Post | dacx posted in Other: Getting into poker - where to start?

Hello everyone,

I'm terribly sorry to bother you guys with this newbie-problem and feel somewhat ashamed but I guess this is the best place to ask for.

Poker has always fascinated me and I finally decided to get into it. Please know that whenever I pick something up, I'm really sticking with it and won't stop until I am at a point where I'm satisfied with my achievements.

The problem is, that I have almost no knowledge at the moment and do not even know the proper terminology for poker yet. I'm basically starting from scratch. Does anyone have recommendations as to where I might start? I was hoping that runitonce offered a complete beginners guide and introduction but sadly it looks like there is mostly/only advanced stuff.

I am every grateful for any helpful comment, thanks in advance.


Aug. 4, 2016 | 10:05 a.m.

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