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I'm posting this on HS section since readers can know better.

I made a journal on another forum and I was PMed by a guy who was looking to buy some accounts that I don't use anymore. What lure him in is my country, Austria, where I pay 0 taxes on gambling profits.
He offered me a fixed monthly price + x% on every cashout and tbh, it is very likely that I will accept his offer.
That money can help me out a lot, but I know what I will do is wrong, on a moral code.

I mean, I do know renting or selling accounts is not punished by law, so I'm not fear any of that.
What I do fear is that, the buyer will know my real name and adress while I won't know him. Maybe a day PS will ban his account and then he will come to knock at my door...

This is a shitty spot, because I cannot refuse the money while I feel kinda exploited. From what I wrote in another forum, it's clear that I need money and he knows that

July 15, 2020 | 1:44 p.m.

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