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Done, should get an invite from daviusminimus :)

Feb. 29, 2024 | 11:09 a.m.

Hi All,
This is a bit like a dating profile, but I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off, share (hold) hands etc. I'm based in the UK, so someone on a similar time zone would be ideal.
I'm currently playing 10NL zoom . I study a lot, so I'm not a complete novice - I just haven't had the time to jam hands / get in reps etc.
My aim is to improve as much as I can, and I think part of that is to share ideas with someone and learn from others. I'm fairly confident preflop, but I'm a long way from good on future streets.
If anyone is interested in hooking up, please let me know.

Feb. 26, 2024 | 1:15 p.m.

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