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If you're range is perfectly polarized (0% hands and 100% hands) and equity cannot change during the hand and villain only calls, you should bet OTR 70% value and 30% bluffs. to make villain's call 0EV, also to make our opponent indiffrent to call our turn bet we must bet 70% of the time on the river w/range that has 70% value and 30% bluffs), and the same goes to a turn bet. So our flop value% will be: (% of river value bets)(river bet %)(turn bet%) 70%x70%x70% =~34%. The result is this that every time we bet R w/balanced range we automaticlly win the hand (because villain is indifferent of calling and folding), so all of our R bluffs, are value bets on the T. And the same goes to the flop. This number will greatly change depending on equity of our bluffs and value bets, and our position. I hope i got it right:) forgive me for me english.

May 29, 2013 | 5:34 p.m.

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