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What is the skill jump from 2nl to 10nl

April 26, 2023 | 10:58 p.m.

Hello everyone, im semi-new to poker, i used to play online until the dark day when poker stars went offline i think in 2008 :(. long story short im a loser and always have been. i have over 10 poker books. ive watched a crazy amount of YouTube from a mix of everyone. i have recently started from the ground up course. however my results after 22,000 hands are the same. well over -20/100bb.

VERY small sample size i know however i dont want to waste time. if i say no coaching until 50k hands then arnt i just playing crappy for another 28k hands? how do i know im learning/growing at a rate that could be expected? clearly the question of time is different for everyone.

its like when you tell people they should use a blinker if they want to merge over and they say something like "ive been driving for 30 years".. well you have been a bad driver for 30 years...

my question is how many hands/hours do you put in before you purchase coaching? im playing 2NL. my only goal is to beat the game. confidently being 5/100BB would be an honest to god life accomplishment to me. im not trying to "build a bank roll and stop working". im playing with money that dose not affect me. 200$ starting.

i also want to add i have no idea how a starting player studies their own game. i look at my losing and winning session and try to find leaks but i feel there is so much more to studying your own game. i was a member of poker coaching.com where they had a few videos on study but the information was WAY over my head to where i couldn't even understand the video after i watched it twice with no distractions.

April 23, 2023 | 7:48 p.m.

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