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Also, when browsing videos it would be nice if the "add to playlist" button would change to a "remove from playlist" button when a video is already in your playlist.

I also find myself constantly having to pick the same filters for browsing videos. It would be nice if the filters saved and remembered your preferences. If not, at least make better defaults like not automatically displaying videos I've already completed.

Dec. 31, 2018 | 7:50 p.m.

Post | klishb posted in Chatter: Playlist improvements

I'm somewhat new so I hopefully I'm not just missing something. A few suggestions:

Make playlist easier to browse. I can only see 3 videos at a time when browsing because it only shows up in a bar. The bar is okay I guess, but why not give us a way to view exclusively the playlist so it fills the screen and shows all items in a page or maybe 16 per page? Also, when removing a video it skips all the way back to the beginning. Very annoying.

Dec. 31, 2018 | 7:43 p.m.

I play live a lot and compared to other players I don't consider myself a big tipper. In general, recreational players - especially action players tend to tip about double what I tip, but here's my general rule of thumb based on pot size:

Under $20 - $1 tip every two hands won
Over $20 - $1 tip
Over $60 - $2 tip
Over $120 - $3 tip
Over $500 - $4 tip

I vary this slightly and like to tip dealers based on them being good dealers and not just the size of the pot. If I think they do their job well I tip more and if I think they make a lot of mistakes or don't do their job well then I tip less.

For example, at my local casino there is a 3rd man walking rule and dealers are supposed to say something to make the 3rd man walking aware that there is a rule against it. However most dealers feel like they can't make a player stay at the table and the floor won't pick someone up unless the players is gone over 1 hour and there is a waiting list for that game. That makes it hard to enforce and there is almost never a consequence to being the 3rd or even 4th man walking so I've adopted a personal rule to help enforce it. If the game gets too short I've seen the game come to a complete stop until more players return which is obviously very disruptive and frustrating.

Recreational players often don't know about the rule so if the dealer says something it often helps. For that reason I tip a dealer on the spot if they do their job and say something. If they don't then I don't tip at all until the 3rd man returns. It can get the dealer's attention either way and I'm not shy to explain why. I want them to know why.

This is a personal rule I made up to help enforce the rules and have some positive reinforcement for the dealers. You can argue that my rule isn't helping much, but I think if all players did their part and adopted my rule then we wouldn't have a problem with the 3rd man walking rule.

May 12, 2018 | 4:39 p.m.

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