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Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Rabichow (KRab42, Barewire) and I am available for new students on a limited basis. Most people who work with me are professionals playing mid-high stakes NL cash, although I have experience working with both live and online, cash and tournament players. I have ten years of coaching experience in the poker industry, as well as several years of amateur sports coaching, and an educational background in economics and statistics. I've played far more HUNL cash game hands than in any other format, but have devoted much of the past three years to improving at 6max cash and MTT.

My most popular coaching method is a database review, which is the most efficient way for me to provide value to a new student. With a reasonable sample of stats at your game of interest, I can very quickly learn about your level of play, identify immediate concerns, evaluate general tendencies, and react to big picture information that could take weeks or months to uncover through other coaching methods. This review will take approx 2hrs and the cost is $999. This price includes a post-session written plan to outline your needs going forward and create a template for working together effectively.

For general inquiries, hand reviews, specific theoretical questions, and just about everything else, I offer a basic hourly coaching rate of $400/hour. I am happy to break this up into 30-minute increments if that is preferred. These are best used as follow-up sessions to the database review, but live players and tournament players, in particular, may find this to be the preferred format, as database reviews are not always possible. I conduct these sessions over Zoom voice/video chat, and will gladly provide a written summary or video recording of our sessions after the fact.

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