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I would like the content to be more accurate with the headline of the series. I expected 4 tables of 6max play when i started this video, instead i get 2 tables of HU play, and one table of 3/4 handed play. 

Nov. 13, 2013 | 6:28 p.m.

Post | loveytoo posted in PLO: RRP IP -facing FCB, HU PLO
As title states, this is regarding those spots where we call 3B and Villain CB flopp. I only play Heads Up .

I feel im not playing good in these spots, and i dont think im good at analysing the spot either, thats why i post here.

I use HEM2, have filtered : 1) Faced Preflop 3B = True , 2) Called Preflop 3B = True, 3) Facing Flop CB = True

I have not taken "Effective Stack Sizes" into consideration, mainly cause i dont know how to do so, i can se the advantage of at least splitting my HEM2 stats in this spot between 50BB and 100B Effectiv Stack sizes. I dont play much deep, but if i did i would also splitt into 200 and 300 i guess.

I am mainly looking at my flopp play, as i think its better to focus on one street and play it relly good rather than all streets together. When flopp play is analysed, i move onto turnplay, but thats a long road to go yet.

Ok, I've filtered out my hands, based on the filer mentioned above, here are the results:

Total Hands : 2 527
EV BB/100 : - 30
Call FCB : 25,4 %
Raise FCB : 32,6 %
Fold vs FCB : 42,8 %
WTSD% : 34,2 %
W$SD% : 47,8 %
River Call Efficiency : 1,75

First ting first , i have no clue how these stats are relative to other hu plo players, so please compare with me/ let me know how my stats are, and what they may imply i should look closer into, and how i should approach looking closer into my possible leaks.

Also i dont know if there is some other stats that i should filter out and look at than the ones ive listed, if anny suggestions , plz open fire.

And last but not least , if there is something ive forgotten overall/or you know anny artickles/videos +++ that helps me on this topic, plz open fire.

PS! Ive only looked at all different flopps, villaintypes, flopp handstrengts, together in one big pile. I think i need to look closer into diff spots in the spot im looking at. Like taking into consideration : villains cb in 3B pots%, diff flop handstrengts, different flop types...just that all this makes my head spinn and i kinda doesnt know how to start looking at all theese... plz help.

GL GL in you games comrades!

March 7, 2013 | 3:53 p.m.

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