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Hey guys! How are you doing? I know i'm missing some updates, but a lot of stuff happened after i returned from Chile.

First, lets talk about vacation: the trip was awesome! we shared a good house in a good neighborhood in Santiago. It was me + my girlfriend and two couples as well. We explored a lot the city, we did some skii and had a lot of drinking sessions, both outside in nice bars and doing barbecues at home. Such a cool experience sharing some days with your poker buddies and resting from the grind.

When we get back, i found very hard to get back on track and grind the same volume again. In addition, i spent a lot of days from August and September visiting doctors and doing a lot of exams. Many of them required very strict preparation in terms of diet, and i felt my energy levels were too low to work at the same time.
So i've tried do my best, keeping my studies routine and playing as much as my body could handle. I managed to book around $12k profit in August and $7.5k in September. Profits in August was higher because i hit a BBJ on GG for an extra rakeback $4k. And September i played way less than August (probably 28k hands) because it was way busier from medicals exams.

graphs from the start of downswing

Very happy to be able to clean this hole. It was way faster than I expected, due BBJ + rakeback + running several bi's above EV i managed to breakeven again just a few days before the vacation. So when I returned, i was totally freshed but maybe this also gave me a lack of motivation to keep grinding.

I dont have any other word than happy to describe me right now. Im still studying a lot, still having my weekly meeting with my mental coach and now i hired a new poker coach to work with me. I did the package with freenachos and liked a lot, but i'd like to give a try with someone who shares the same language as me, i think it will be easier to understand everything.

I'm really excited for the last 3 months of the year, and I hope everything crushes. GLGL

Oct. 8, 2023 | 11:08 p.m.

July Review:



July is finished. a month where i couldnt play the most, since i've been studying a lot and i was a bit lazy before creating this journal. I'm going start to add a few 500NL tables as well on my grind since i reached my initial goal. With rakeback, i earned an extra $1k.

August is going to be a short month for me, since i'm going to travel to Chile at the end of the month (25th). So I have to be very disciplined to smash my goals in this 25 days I have for grind.

Goals for this month:

  • 40k hands
  • Keeping mastering my studies vs recs
  • Still helping my students on the staking group i have created.

Looking anxious for the trip, since i'm going with 2 poker friends i never met irl. Two great guys playing 1knl/2knl, probably top 3 brazilians regs right now.

Aug. 1, 2023 | 4:57 p.m.

WEEK #1:



i'm posting this a bit late since i spent my weekend off travelling with my family and gf. this was the results of last week. overall results was pretty decent, but my work ethic was not the best. i dont think i had put enough hours at the table, despite i studied a lot. i'm trying to recover the confidence and the discipline to put 40hrs/week again at the grind, i'm gonna do better this next week for sure.

i've played some hands at 1knl because a random whale open sitted and nobody seated with him, so i manage to play hu 25bb vs him. i think it was a great spot, but since i made a plan i should stick with him. so no more higher than 200nl (at least until i make 5k profit).

i could post some hands, but i didnt find anyone that interesting. 200nl on gg is just bunch a of nit regs playing 43wwsf lol

see you guys next week glgl.

July 24, 2023 | 8:55 a.m.

Post | lurker97 posted in Chatter: From a 50bi downswing to reach 1KNL

Who am I?

I'm a 26 years old from Brazil. Been playing cash games professionally for 3 years and moved stakes up to 500NL. Now i've reached my biggest downswing of my carrer, and decided it would be a great moment to share this journal.

The Downswing:

So as you guys have noticed on the tittle, i've been on a sick 50bi (at least for me its super heavy). My max was 35bi and i was playing zoom back on the time. Obviously there was a mix of punts and bad plays, but overall card distribution was a b*tch and now i have to create a plan so i can get out of this hole.

The Plan:

I decided to move down to 200NL so i can recover a bit of confidence and farm a bit, when i profit 5k only 200NL, i'm gonna start mixing my grind half 200NL and other half 500NL. After this, we will have to see how things will be going on 500nl to see the next steps.

The Goals:

My main goal for this jounal is to share my grind routine, some hands, some toughts on my study until i start shot taking 1KNL. I hope i'll be able to do this by the start of 2024.

Goals for the rest of the year:

  • 200.000 of quality hands played.
  • Keeping the work with my perfomance psychologist
  • Still improving with my studies and still getting coach every week with Freenachos

Gonna try to run daily updates and you guys can expect graphs/results every 15-20k hands.

graph in $
graph in BB

July 13, 2023 | 11:53 p.m.

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