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30:45 with the 2233 on KJ2 in a 3b pot HU, how often would you raise here vs flat call with this hand? If we raise I assume we just want to pot it given I don't think we have any raise-folds so smaller sizing doesn't make sense?

March 19, 2019 | 3:13 p.m.

Instalike for live action :)

March 18, 2019 | 7:05 p.m.

Hi Zach - stumbled across this video and your comments as I'm going through a downswing myself. How are things going at this point?

March 1, 2019 | 11:52 p.m.

Villain's a reg, playing 45/29 in this three-handed game so far. No big showdown history between us yet.
Seems like such a good spot to turn a T8 or KT into a bluff on this river, although we can probably discount some KT since many of them would shove turn (feel free to challenge me on this assumption tho). How do we go about analyzing this spot?

BU: $3,230.02 (162 bb)
SB (Hero): $4,083.54 (204 bb)
BB: $2,158.46 (108 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($30) Hero is SB with K♦ 9♠ T♠ 3♦
BTN raises to $60, Hero calls $50, 1 fold

Flop: ($140) Q♠ 9♣ 2♠ (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $80, Hero calls $80

Turn: ($300) J♥ (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $280, Hero raises to $1,140, BTN calls $860

River: ($2,580) 2♦ (2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $1,950.02 (all-in), Hero ...

Feb. 25, 2019 | 7:56 p.m.

Yea so unfortunate that's the case, as HU is so much more fun than 6m imo.

Feb. 23, 2019 | 11:07 p.m.

Hey Cory, where are you playing HUPLO nowadays? Options seem super limited to US residents now :\

Feb. 23, 2019 | 3:10 p.m.

Post | merchseller posted in PLO: 10/20 HU - Lost on turn

HH converter on this site keeps telling me 'Invalid Hand' so posted it on weaktight.

Villain is only opening about 50% in position and calling 50% of 3bets. I'm 3betting 15%.
Haven't seen him get out of line and so far at showdown he's been winning a lot. He's checkraised pot on the turn a few times repping the nuts that I have not seen shown down.

Is this an easy fold on the turn and I'm overthinking it? What hands would you play this way in villain's spot? Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks.

Feb. 15, 2019 | 3:17 p.m.

Hi Phil, you mentioned you've done some work in the lab recently. Would love to see some new 6-max live play videos to see how that's translated into that format. Thanks!

Feb. 8, 2019 | 6:23 p.m.

I think Phil took down the "Sometimes I Lose" vlog or I just can't find it anymore. Does anyone have a link?

Feb. 3, 2019 | 9:44 p.m.

Absolutely love the idea of splashed pots, as well as flips once in a while. Would it be possible to implement that flip structure every x # of hands into RIO poker tables?

Jan. 31, 2019 | 6:02 p.m.

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