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Serge ''Momess'' Pouliot from Quebec, Canada

Started playing cards at a very young age, all types of games, mostly with grandma :). Self taught, got into poker at the end of high school (1998) with friends. Live games, card rooms, private games until internet poker became 'a thing'. Left Quebec with a backpack and a dream, traveled across Canada, United States, Mexico and Guatemala all the while playing poker online and in casinos for a few years.

Coming back to Canada, seeing friends grind out SuperNovaElite on Pokerstars without having much of a winrate at midstakes but making a very decent living off of rakeback, I decided to invest myself full time in online poker, although very robotic and without a winrate while making SNE, I did learn some things and eventually decided to change, study myself and others and beat this game I love and play almost everyday.

Striving on consistency, optimal play, adapting to others and exploit with the occasional gear change and unpredictability, NLHE is my game. uses cookies to give you the best experience. Learn more about our Cookie Policy