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10:00 the aq96ss hand in which cantbeat 3b's pre cbet j92 fd.  I'm surprised 230bb deep that you don't think raising has more merit.  From what it seems cantbeats tendencies lean towards high betting aggression on multiple streets with smaller sizing but low intensity towards other forms of aggression.  Vs that style it seems to me that peeling lots of weak marginal hands leads to akward turn spots in which he 1/2 pots again and we are often still stuck with a marginal hand, or bluffing scenario.  We don't improve that often to a made hand that is comfortable calling 3 streets, and so we are mainly relying on our blocker bluff. Given his low intensity and high betting frequency and the extra deep stacks it seems bluff raising has more merit.  I'm curious what type of hands you do think are good to bluff raise here, esp given his very high 3b, and small but freq betting pattern.

Aug. 20, 2013 | 4:20 p.m.

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