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Hi all .. I am looking for a MTT coach to get my game to the next level. I am currently a mid stakes MTT player with over 7+ years of playing recreationally and 2 years professionally. I feel I am getting saturated with regards to my game and may need mental and practical adjustments. I primarily play on Indian sites(softer fields but less gtds) and GG(tougher fields but higher GTDs) and have been overall a winning player.

Hit me up if you could help.. Cheers!

Aug. 26, 2020 | 11:01 a.m.

Hey Phil.. any new vid from u is so looked forward to .. :D

Very interesting hand at 10:00 on the bottom left .. Isnt the purpose of putting in a block bet, to induce a lot of bluffs OTR and also to get called by some worse hands.. You hand has the perfect blockers for a hand which includes 35 in it.. these spots come up so often in HU play where we thin VB OTR and end up facing these sort of spots.. am trying to work hard on my sizing and these spots def are tough ones. Isnt check/call a better line considering he will bet with a lot of hands where hes at the bottom of his range?

Dec. 11, 2018 | 8:55 a.m.

Great VID Phil.. In the hand at 43:00 on the top right, you decide to go really big. Didnt really follow why would we go for that bet size considering most of our value hands would possibly bet smaller. Doesnt that polarise our bet allowing the villian to bring in some hero calls coz i am not sure we are able to rep a boat very well imo. Love to hear your views! cheers!

June 27, 2018 | 2:18 p.m.

Post | orionn7 posted in PLO: Personal Coaching

Hi .. I am looking for personal coaching to improve my PLO game .. Have been playing for more than 5 years and looking to elevate my game. Any leads would be appreciated. TIA!

Jan. 9, 2018 | 5:22 p.m.

Hey Phil .. As usual, awesome vid.. Very interested to know your thought process at 39:00 when you almost snap folded QTJ7 on the button against an early position raise .. Isnt this the kind of hand we want to be calling considering its playability post flop against an EP. Would you have called with a hand like 78TJ? I often face this struggle of deciding hands that are so called 'callable' in position against opponents that are opening wide imo. Thoughts please :)

Aug. 10, 2017 | 9:40 a.m.

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