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Friend asked to post this hand.
Live game 50-100 which transformed from 25-50. Since game just restart most of player are 100bb deep. 6handed.
Young reg open UTG to 300. As my friend said he have quite wide range here, dont like to fold post flop and dont believe our hero. He is around 90bb deep. Guy called on CO(55-60bb deep). Our hero made it 1000 on BTN w Q8cc. They both call .
Flop comes Ac9c6d. Check to our hero, he check behind.
Q1-Should he check or bet given the factor that they will not fold PP for example for 1 bet?
Turn comes Qd. Check check, our hero bet 1500 UTG call CO fold.
Q2- Should he bet turn? If yeah which size?
River comes Qx. UTG check. There is 6000 in pot and he have 6500-6800 behind.
Thanks for opinions.

March 1, 2015 | 5:36 a.m.

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