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Hand history wasn't supported. I apologize in advance for the format.

PL Omaha $0.10(BB)
HERO ($22.93) [VPIP: 24.6% | PFR: 13.7% | AGG: 31.7% | 3-Bet: 5.5% | Hands: 90772]
CO ($36.74) [VPIP: 25.1% | PFR: 16.8% | AGG: 41.5% | 3-Bet: 3.9% | Hands: 5553]
BTN ($14.68) [VPIP: 41% | PFR: 12.8% | AGG: 16.1% | 3-Bet: 11.1% | Hands: 39]
SB ($10.82) [VPIP: 36.9% | PFR: 20.9% | AGG: 29.3% | 3-Bet: 4.5% | Hands: 190]
BB ($10) [VPIP: 28.8% | PFR: 20.2% | AGG: 16.9% | 3-Bet: 5.6% | Hands: 106]

Dealt to Hero: 7h Kc Ks Js

HERO Raises To $0.35, CO Folds, BTN Calls $0.35, SB Calls $0.30, BB Calls $0.25

Hero SPR on Flop: [6.89 effective]
Flop ($1.40): 8d 4s 9s
SB Checks, BB Checks, HERO Bets $1 (Rem. Stack: 21.58), BTN Calls $1 (Rem. Stack: 13.33), SB Raises To $5.33 (Rem. Stack: 5.14), BB Folds, HERO Folds, BTN Folds

SB wins: $4.18

My thoughts on the hand at the time went like this: None of my draws were to the nuts. I felt villians range included wraps & sets, hands which I'm either slightly ahead or way far behind. I didn't see much that I was crushing. Flush draws are of course always there for villain too, but I didn't feel FD was the primary reason for the raise. More than likely they would just act as blockers to my hand should I be behind. There's still one player left to act behind me.

My thoughts in retrospect are: The open UTG to start things off is light, but I don't hate it. I do like the sizing on the flop. However, I'm too high up in my range to be folding here. It's too exploitable to be folding this spot.

Would just like other people's opinions. This hand's been bugging me since I played it.

Dec. 23, 2018 | 4:30 a.m.

It didn't go from $20 to $50. It went from $40 to $50. The same product they sold for $40/month is now avaliable for $50/month. 150% increase vs. 20% increase is a pretty signifigant difference. You are not paying $50 for the same product they were selling for $20 prior to Upswing being in the picutre. That is not at all accurate.

And there are similar products on the market already. PLO Visions being one of them. It's not the same, it's just similar. But if you think $50/month is -EV, you certainly wouldn't be happy with PLO Vision's $100/month price. Personally I think they're both a steal at their respective prices, but I haven't purchased PLO Visions so I could be wrong about that one. However, researching PLO Visions because I'm interested in buying it, it does appear to provide more than $100/month value.

Dec. 15, 2018 | 2:50 a.m.

I don't when you last had the Matrix, but when I first signed up for it it had a $19/month option & a $39/month option. The difference being that it went to higher stakes &, most important to me, the higher price point included multi-way scenarios. I've found that when reviewing my HH I lose considerably more in MW pots as compared to HU pots.

Also, if you were a subscriber at the time of the change to Upswing you get the old price grandfathered in. And.... all current subscribers got $100 credit at Upswing. I'm pretty loyal to RIO, but having the $100 credit at Upswing is nice. If you've been a member of their Discord you'd see that there is talk of upgrades, & has been upgrades right along, to the Matrix. Essentially all they did was eliminate the lower price point & force you to buy it at the higher price point if you want it. It only went up $10. Things go up in price. It's just a fact of life. Look at what subscriptions to RIO cost in the early days as compared to what they cost now.

I still feel, IMHO, it's probably the best product on the market for PLO. And I don't represent the company in any way whatsoever. Just a consumer who loves the product.

Dec. 13, 2018 | 10:25 p.m.

Not that anyone probably cares about my opinion, but PLO Matrix is the nuts! Hands down the nuts! I got it shortly after getting my subscription to RIO. The combination of the two has really done wonders for my PLO game. I highly recommend it to anyone who takes PLO seriously & is looking to plug some leaks.. particularly any leaks in your preflop game.

Dec. 2, 2018 | 12:35 a.m.

I really love the format. I wish more people would use it. Makes it a lot easier to focus on the hand being discussed without being distracted by the other tables. Hopefully it catches on! It's really nice that you make these videos for Essential members at the micro stakes too. Thanks again for the great video!

Nov. 11, 2018 | 12:23 a.m.

Another great video, Nick. I'm (somewhat) new to PLO & short stacking is something I've been considering. Looking forward to the second video. Thanks.

Nov. 9, 2018 | 10:32 p.m.

Really great series. I'm glad to hear you're slated to make 12 videos in total. I'm really looking forward to the rest.

I honestly think it's series like this that set RIO apart from other training sites. Every training site out there has strategy content. Some of it great strategy content. RIO doesn't have a monopoly on worthwhile strategy content. But no one has content like this. Especially not of this quality & quantity. I came here for the strategy content, but I'm finding it's videos like these that I'm drawn to more often than not. And it's videos, & series, like these that have had the greatest impact on my game.

So.. Thank you, Bradley. I really appreciate what you're doing. Keep up the great work! And I'll be looking for your name (& cheering you on) in upcoming Winter Olympics!

Oct. 14, 2018 | 7:42 p.m.

I had the same idea a few months ago. Started by playing .25-.50 PLO8. I ended up going back to PLO & O8. I found (at least at the micros) you end up playing too many pots all in HU & splitting the pot. Which, obviously, you lose money because of the rake. This doesn't seem to be the case in O8 as pots are more often multiway for multi-streets. By the time I went back to PLO & O8 I was a small winner, but rake was the reason I left. I stick to PLO8 in tournament format for now. At least until there's more "pure" recs in the game I didn't find it profitable (or not profitable enough I should say).

Oct. 12, 2018 | 9:24 p.m.

I actually did the same thing. lol

Loved the video though. And the series in general. Thanks for the great videos ,Keiran!

Oct. 9, 2018 | 8:22 p.m.

This is a great video. Recently purchased my first HUD & it's kind of information overload. It's obvious how to exploit some stats, but others not so much. I see there's a couple more videos in the series. Can't wait to watch those too! Thanks for the great content!

Oct. 7, 2018 | 12:19 a.m.

Comment | ponyneck commented on Best books for 08?

I read Hwang's "Pot Limit Omaha Poker" & found it to be very useful. Even for O8, which is nice considering the book mainly focuses on PLO. He also has 3 "Advanced" Omaha books that followed. I'm about 1/2 way through the first &, like his other, it's a great book. Geared towards PLO again, but many of the concepts are univeral. I can honestly say it's helped my PLO8 cash game a lot.

July 30, 2018 | 2:38 a.m.

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