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first of all , nice hand sir!

on the flop you bet he calls ,that basically mean he have any Ax unlikely to be AQ he might four bet you with AQ or raise you on flop, any gutshot ,any hearts draw maybe any Qx, slow play set 33 but raise you on turn may be even some float air ,when he call the turn his range is not change very much but he gonna fold his air ,you check to slow play you full house on the river, the purepose of slow play is to either induce a bluff from air or let him value bet hand worse than you ,in thise case his air isnt' likely to get this river the only air is busted draw ,if he have Ax Qx he probably call but you check he will check down ,if he have busted draw he will bluff some of them,if he have gutshot made straight on turn he will value bet you ,most part of his range gonna be Ax and flush draws,so gutshot is happen to be the case he will value bet you and worse than you , we really looking at is how much he is bluff with his busted draw, given your bet twice ,and three bet before flop, you very likely have a big A to bet twice and may be for some reason to check call the river ,but from his perspect you unlikely to fold a top pair kind of hand ,his bluff probably not that profitable, it's a wired check though, if he unlikely bluff with his busted draw, the only value part is his Ax which you check he likely check back,you bet he will call ,so this check probably not work very well in a vacum,

just my humble oppinion,could be totally wrong .


June 21, 2013 | 2:01 a.m.

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