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Preflop Learn
Finally you are now able to browse through preflop for all the four different rake structures we have!
- Also added all browsable Preflop lines to Practice / Streak and a quick way to switch from Learn to Practice as already known from postflop

Old: 57 Lines
New: 230 Lines (

  • By clicking on the player seats you can quickly setup your desired spot (select players in the hand and click again on seat of the player to act)

  • Change rake structures / stack sizes and press "Refresh" to update the current situation with another rake structure or stack size

6max Limitations:
- Raise + 2 cold calls + BB (i.e. no 5way to the flop)
- Some niche lines missing (can be added if requested)

5c Limitations:
- 200bb 6max only available for PL400-600 rake
- 50bb+200bb: Raise + 1 cold call + BB (Exceptions: UTG+CO+BTN, MP+CO+BTN, CO+BTN+SB (= 2 cold calls + BB available))

Smart Bucketing Preflop Hands
It wasn't too helpful to show all the permutations of preflop hands, so now they are bucketed to only show relevant suits like we already do for postflop

Old: 144 Hands
New: 6 Hands (!)

Nov. 20, 2023 | 9:14 p.m.

Show Villain Hands
In Practice/Streak you can now generate example hands of Villain's range for postflop situations and also show how they react to hero's solution play.

Villain Hand Preview with centered Hero position

Always Center Hero Position
Added an updated user interface, where Hero is always centered on the table (so button is moving around instead of hero). There is a general option to enable/disable it.
(Custom sims still have the button centered)

Center Hero Option

Mark Hero position
If you opt to go for the classic Vision view of having the button centered, you now have the hero position briefly marked while loading a Pracitce/Streak postflop situation.

Mark Hero Position Preview

Added standard delay for postflop street actions in Practice
Also turn river actions load a bit slower by default (+0s flop, +0.25s turn, +0.5s river), so it's easier to follow the action, the delay of the general option is the additional delay to the above numbers

In-App Notifications
From now on you also get a short summary of new features within Vision

Nov. 2, 2023 | 8:33 p.m.

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