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Hey, Vision uses no leads in HU, I have given thorough explanations of why in the official Vision Discord. I will repost some of it here:

It is not a lot of EV that leading yields. that's why you haven't seen a single lead in e.g. the galfond challenge. also if you play HU you won't face leads in 99% of matches. If you would learn from sims where there is leading possible you would learn incorrect cbetting strategy for IP
population is also overcbetting on average, which means leading would be exploititively bad
Since I was curious myself I ran a sim on a board which I thought has to be one with a very high leading freq / impact on EV
lead size is half pot and we lead 20% which looks important to do
(left side is without leading)
when looking at the EVs it shows that even though this has to be one of the best boards to have a leading range, it still doesn't yield a lot of EV when executed perfectly
It adds double the complexity of an already super complex game, so there is not a lot of merit diving into that.

July 9, 2024 | 7:14 p.m.

Display stacks in $ / BB
Until now, Vision displayed stacks in small blinds. From now on you can pick whether you want to keep it as is, display stacks in $ as you might be used to when playing, or just switch to big blinds. You can also set different options for Cash games and MTTs.
Demonstration Stack Display

RFI-Trainer (May)
With the RFI-Trainer you will get a hand dealt and have to decide, from which positions you RFI this particular hand. This should help you to do a full test of your knowledge about RFI from every position each hand. Now also usable for your Custom created RFI sims
Demonstration RFI-Trainer

June 3, 2024 | 6:20 p.m.

Comment | rulaZPoker commented on Beta add on feature

Hey whichful,

  • As promised I did implement your idea of checking everything until BTN if you select an earlier seat - I really like!
  • The glowing borders should be more prominent now
  • The bug with the AA77 I also figured out why it happened and fixed it. All should be updated after refresh.

  • The Report suggestion I will take into consideration, but is not the topic of this thread. If you like a more direct conversation, feel free to join the official Vision Discord and post your suggestions / feedback there. I'm active there daily and will happily answer all your requests:

Hope to see you there,

May 24, 2024 | 5:44 p.m.

Comment | rulaZPoker commented on Beta add on feature

hey whichful,
thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it.

One suggestion? I would like to change the message on the bottom from "You don't open this hand from any position" to "Fold all Positions". The "You don't...." is very similar to "you open this hand from any position" when I see it.

I like this suggestion and already changed the text. After you refresh the page it should be there. Let me know if you still see room to improve the now very simplified messages.

Another thing I would do, I have a green ring around the positions that open, and a red ring around the ones that don't . Much easier to visualize rather than reading the bottom. Keep the bottom sentence for those that like to read, show the rings for the visual learners. great feature though!

I tested a lot around with colors and the glowing effect, and finally decided to pick the glowing effect, as it shows all the positions that open raise. Might it be ok if that glow would be a bit more "visible"? As the suggestion of coloring rings can get quite confusing, cause you have some rings checked, some not, so some that are checked could be green, some red, some non-checked green, some others red, which can also get quite confusing.
I think though by changing the text (and testing a bit) this should be a non-issue in my opinion.

One last idea? If you pick HJ as an open, it would be nice if CO and BTN automatically get checked as well. There is never a time that one street opens, and a later one does not as long as it is In Position, right? No need to click on all the seats, just the earliest seat that opens.

Again I'm not sure if the added confusion about clicking on some seats trigger multiple selects vs some seats only triggering one will be higher than the potential time you can cut with it. Personally I found he "Select All" mostly good enough when 4+ seats should be selected and then unselect the 1-2 unwanted positions manually after thinking about it, but maybe you have a very strong opinion about your suggestion definitely being better?
I will surely play around with that suggestion tomorrow though and see how I like it and will let you know afterwards!

best regards,

May 23, 2024 | 8:48 p.m.

4c MTT + 4c MTT BB-Ante from 5bb-100bb out (released Apr 5th)

Now you're able to Learn and Practice MTT preflop Chip-EV situations reaching from 5bb to 100bb. For situations where smaller and bigger sizes have similar EV, both have been added.

  • 5bb (pot)
  • 10bb (pot)
  • 15bb (2.5x + pot)
  • 20bb (2.5x + pot)
  • 25bb (2.5x)
  • 30bb (2.5x)
  • 40bb (2.5x)
  • 50bb (2.5x)
  • 75bb (pot)
  • 100bb (pot)

April 9, 2024 | 9:18 p.m.

Practice Filtered Hands

Now you are able to exclusively practice the hand ranges that you have searched for in your right panel search filter.

  1. Search for a hand
  2. Click on the Filter icon
  • All generated hands will now follow this filter for as long as you don't update / remove the filter (by clicking on the icon again)

4c 50bb Heads-Up is out!

  • SRP
  • 3bP
  • Limp/Check
  • Limp/Raise/Call

  • Flops + Turns for all spots on all 427 Vision boards

  • Learn + Practice + Streak

First rivers are planned to be released within next two weeks

Feb. 8, 2024 | 10:29 a.m.

Preflop Learn
Finally you are now able to browse through preflop for all the four different rake structures we have!
- Also added all browsable Preflop lines to Practice / Streak and a quick way to switch from Learn to Practice as already known from postflop

Old: 57 Lines
New: 230 Lines (

  • By clicking on the player seats you can quickly setup your desired spot (select players in the hand and click again on seat of the player to act)

  • Change rake structures / stack sizes and press "Refresh" to update the current situation with another rake structure or stack size

6max Limitations:
- Raise + 2 cold calls + BB (i.e. no 5way to the flop)
- Some niche lines missing (can be added if requested)

5c Limitations:
- 200bb 6max only available for PL400-600 rake
- 50bb+200bb: Raise + 1 cold call + BB (Exceptions: UTG+CO+BTN, MP+CO+BTN, CO+BTN+SB (= 2 cold calls + BB available))

Smart Bucketing Preflop Hands
It wasn't too helpful to show all the permutations of preflop hands, so now they are bucketed to only show relevant suits like we already do for postflop

Old: 144 Hands
New: 6 Hands (!)

Nov. 20, 2023 | 9:14 p.m.

Show Villain Hands
In Practice/Streak you can now generate example hands of Villain's range for postflop situations and also show how they react to hero's solution play.

Villain Hand Preview with centered Hero position

Always Center Hero Position
Added an updated user interface, where Hero is always centered on the table (so button is moving around instead of hero). There is a general option to enable/disable it.
(Custom sims still have the button centered)

Center Hero Option

Mark Hero position
If you opt to go for the classic Vision view of having the button centered, you now have the hero position briefly marked while loading a Pracitce/Streak postflop situation.

Mark Hero Position Preview

Added standard delay for postflop street actions in Practice
Also turn river actions load a bit slower by default (+0s flop, +0.25s turn, +0.5s river), so it's easier to follow the action, the delay of the general option is the additional delay to the above numbers

In-App Notifications
From now on you also get a short summary of new features within Vision

Nov. 2, 2023 | 8:33 p.m.

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