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Ben "sauce123" Sulsky is a professional poker player that is widely considered to be one of the best heads up players in the world. He has netted a staggering profit in a short period of time, crossing the $1,000,000 mark just a year after he began playing online.

Sauce's poker journey began as a college student on a spring break trip to Mexico. With a lot of time to kill, he immersed himself in poker books and strategy forums and developed a rudimentary strategy that he took to the online felt upon his return. He experienced a fair amount of success early on and climbed the stakes using strict bankroll requirements.

It wasn't long before Ben became a fixture at the high stakes tables with an ever growing bankroll. He routinely plays in the highest stakes NL and PLO games available and is generally considered to be one of the toughest opponents in the games today.

His videos take an analytical approach to No Limit with an emphasis on game theory optimal play.

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