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Sean was exposed to poker during his last year of high school (2002) when he first watched the movie “Rounders”. Soon he was religiously watching the World Poker Tour every Sunday afternoon, and he was hooked. His playing career started with “friendly” sit-and-gos amongst high school friends but soon evolved into reading books and making a $50 deposit online. Sean’s plan was to win some, then withdraw the $50 and play with the winnings. He vowed to never re-deposit and to grind his way up the ladder, and the rest is history.

Sean started online in 2004 with SNGs but eventually gravitated towards the bigger prize-pooled MTTs where he was soon ranked on PocketFives and one of the original Triple Crown winners. He heard about cash games and immediately jumped into 5/10 with very little experience. He was humbled at first before stumbling upon where he soon realized that he had a lot to learn about NLH cash games. He dropped down to 2/4 and was a 10/20 regular by the summer of 2006. In October of 2006, Sean entered the $2500 WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars which was the biggest tournament to ever occur online at the time. He finished 3rd for over $417k. He’s also finished 3rd in a WSOP 5k NLH tournament for $348k in 2011. Needless to say, he’s still got a knack for tournaments.

However, Sean considers NLH cash games to be his bread and butter. He’s focused on heads-up and short-handed play over the last few years and has spent great amounts of time and effort working on his game. Sean’s also had dozens of private students ranging from NL50 regulars to high-stakes pros who were being coached through epic HU battles with players such as the famed Sauce123. Sean takes great pride in forever being a true academic within the poker community. He focuses his strategic studies on implementing game theory concepts and is a huge advocate of playing a balanced style.

You can follow Sean here:
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