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Post | wHizard posted in NLHE: LIVE 5/5 Private Game

I am posting the following hand to evaluate and learn if I played this hand max-ev postflop (plus, if my preflop action was in order)


Private live full ring(10) 5/5 cash game with hardly any competent players. Most of them being fishy and recreational and thus lots of limping and limp-calling preflop. Stacks at the beginning of the hand being on average around 1000(200bb), one short stack at only around 250(50bb).

Course of the hand and my respective thoughts:

Mississippi straddle on the button(half solid, preflop semi-loose semi-aggressive player) for 35 (7bb) with 3 callers(1 of the blinds, UTG+2, HJ) before it is my turn.

I am in the CO with As5s and a stack of about 1400(280bb) and I opt against raising with a decent but not great hand with good playability because there is not much fold equity and I would have to hit at least a piece of the flop to be able to continue in a bloated pot. So I just call. Button unfortunately then decides to raise to 135 total and all other 4 players, me including, call (stacks are deep enough, my hand is too strong to fold and plays decently well multiway. Plus, I like my position). Also, the button does not neccessarily have to have a great hand to raise the straddle with and he plays pretty straightforwardly postflop. The rest of the players, as there is no limp-3betting, do not have great hands for sure.

Flop (680) comes 9s7s5h. 2 players check and HJ moves all in with his remaining around 120. It is my turn and I have hit a very strong hand with a pair and the nut flush draw and the ace as an overcard to the board. The strongest hands I could have run into are straights with 86 and sets of 9s and 7s. I block the bottom set with my own five. HJ, who is all in, could have anything from overcards to the nuts but is not of any concern anymore as he already is all in for only a fraction of the pot. The first two players have just checked facing a wet board in a big pot, which for them makes it unlikely to have strong holdings. My decision now is, by just calling the tiny all in bet, to either suck in some of the remaining players into a big pot or to raise fairly big to have good fold equity and push out the others' shares of equity. I have like 1265 behind and decide to raise to 500. Button and blind player quickly fold and UTG+2 tanks for like two minutes before he folds too.


How do you like my preflop call? I thought while it is not particularly cheap to add another 100 to my call of 35, stacks are pretty deep though and I am in position on three players having a huge edge on them. Do you find it okay, bad, good standard?

Whereas I am confident that my line postflop cannot be bad, I am not sure if it would be even more profitable to just call the tiny flop bet to get value from the other players by either hitting my flush, trips or two pair, or betting them out on the turn, while risking to lose the pot by not hitting anything anymore on the turn or river. (Two of the other three remaining players are partially solid while the third certainly is a fish.)

I am looking forward to getting all sorts of supportive thoughts, remarks, and help.

April 6, 2021 | 10:23 p.m.

Comment | wHizard commented on Equity for Calldown

Interesting content and ideas for sure but too hectic and not enough and detailed explanations/backgrounds. Everything's clear for the video producer but the viewer doesn't have that much insight on why you are clicking/changing sth. here and there.

March 20, 2019 | 5:05 p.m.

Excellent and thorough explanations! More content from you please; maybe more videos on playing in the blinds.

May 3, 2018 | 10:37 p.m.

Are your sizing suggestions with the whole PIO Solver series always based on a stack size of 40BB (that you mentioned you'd play with)?

March 18, 2018 | 4:28 p.m.

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