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Hi guys,

my story is next. Yesterday i turn 18 and i wait for this moment too long because today my poker story is beggining. For last 4 years i studying poker and playing zynga on facebook, pokerstars play money... Today i bought PT4 and i am ready for real money.

Now i need help from you guys because i need 100$ for my starting bankroll. I need sponsor because i spend all my savings on PT4. I am still in highscool so it is hard for me to collect 100$ for starting bankroll.

WHY i need 100$(My plan):
- I want to play SNG tournaments 1.5$ (100$ = 60BI)
- Next level is SNG 3.5$ when i will gave bankroll of 350$
- ..

So i have a theory, will and PT4 but i need starting bankroll. Can anyone help me with some push or help me with explanation how to begin with ZERO bankroll on Pokerstars?


May 28, 2019 | 1:25 p.m.

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