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Hi everyone!
I play some live poker occasionally (mostly for fun) and this was a home-game with people I played many times before and we all know each other very well. These games always start of at 1/1 but loosen up within a few hours with usually alcohol involved and it is pretty much a 1/2/4/8 in no time with a lot of straddles involved. Needles to say, there are no pros at the table and things like limping or having 6 players on the flop are very common to see.

This hand I'd like to discuss is even more interesting because one player cashed out but he left 14BB of dead money in the pot after he left. In addition to that I put a double-straddle to 4BB (1/1/2/4). CO and BTN called 4BB, as well as the SB, BB and UTG.
When the action comes around to me, I wake up with AhKc on the double straddle and the pot is already 38 BBs. Now I know how extremely sticky my opponents are so I put in a raise of 44BBs and get called form the BTN after he only called a straddle (a pretty loose, ego-driven, sticky player who thinks he is better than most of us and I'm almost certain that he's looking to catch-up or otuplay me IP post-flop especially because he knows I will sqeeze a lot in a given situation with all of the dead money in the middle). We are both extremely deep with him having around 700BB and me having him covered.

Flop: 8c6cKs (pot 118BB)
I C-bet 35BB, he calls.

Turn: As (pot 188BB)
I bet 150BB, he calls.

River: 3c (pot 488BB)
I check, he shoves 480BB...

I think the spot is very interesting and it took a while before I made a decision and I looked back at that spot thinking it over and over. I would really appreciate any thoughts on the situation and any peace of advice on how to approach to this live-cash-crazy-game spots that rarely (if ever) occur in an on-line environment.

Aug. 5, 2019 | 1:04 p.m.

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