Coaching Package (NLHE 6max)

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Coaching Package (NLHE 6max)

Hey everyone! It’s been over a year since the launch of my COVID Cbetting Course, and despite the great response I ended up changing quite a few things. So I thought I’d make this post to give everyone a more accurate picture of what I’m currently offering.

Who is this coaching aimed at?
Anyone who wants to improve their theoretical knowledge. I have worked with players from 1/2 live to 1knl online, and feedback has been excellent across the board. Check out my testimonials here.

What makes you different from other coaches?
To my knowledge, most coaches go over various common situations (BTN open BB call, SB 3b vs BTN call etc), and talk you through these spots individually. Instead of doing that, I focus on the underlying concepts that tie them together. For example, on AK high boards as the IP 3bettor, we cbet hands like Kx and QQ, despite them not needing much protection. Whereas for BTN open vs BB call, we prefer to play these hands as a check. The underlying concept that ties these two spots together is that marginal hands are more inclined to bet when we have a big range advantage, and identifying this will strengthen your understanding of the game as a whole.

Basically, I have managed to distill thousands of hours of solver work into a handful of key concepts, and understanding these concepts will improve your play in any spot--even the ones we don't cover.

What else do you offer?
Over the course of our sessions, you will also learn how to study with solvers more efficiently. There is a massive amount of useless information in every solve--I’ll show you how to filter out the noise, and focus on what’s important. I’ll also show you how to put theory into practice with GTO trainers, and give you a roadmap to keep improving on your own.

What are your rates?
$1000 for 6h
$1600 for 10h

Packages come with worksheets, pio sims, spreadsheets, as well as long term support in the form of a study group.

Isn’t $200/h a little expensive?
Frankly, $200/h is a steal. There are coaches who charge similar rates for hand reviews--imo focusing on concepts is a much more efficient way of learning, because it automatically addresses many of the hands you are not sure about.

On top of that, you’ll also be working with a well-established coach with a ton of positive reviews. Bear in mind my content has improved a lot over the years, and I have not increased my rates by that much.

If you want a better idea of what to expect, you can check out my videos on RIO. I have 10 videos from my time as an Essential coach, and have also requested that my latest video be viewable for Essential members. Whether or not you are planning to sign up, I recommend watching these videos as an extremely cost-efficient way of building good fundamentals.

You can also check out my Youtube channel, although the content there is a bit more basic.

Cheers, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or PM if you have any questions! You can also contact me by filling in a form on my website.

Edit: Rates are now
$1200 for 6h
$1900 for 10h

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