Zenekas lazy guide to enlightenment

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Zenekas lazy guide to enlightenment

Old journal

So I am starting a new journal since I feel like I am at the beginning of a new chapter in my poker career and life.
I am doing a fun project with Chris Pimmer who have been absolutely amazing towards me since we started writing back and forth. He has helped me see myself from a different perspective and my entire life is turning upside down (in a very good way).

In the last few days I have realized that I was trying so hard to become better, smarter, faster, bigger, stronger, happier and kinder that I completely had forgotten that I already were all those things and much more. The thing is, you can not become anything else than yourself and my friend, both you and I already are super duper experts at that. We had 10 000 hours of experience being ourselves at aproximately 14 months of age. The only thing we need to realize is that we Want to be yourself. Thats it.

Well, maybe not.

Since I have had a great deal of practice being someone other than myself (ie. resisting to be myself) I need to let go of what is not me.

So again, I welcome you all to my new Journal. Here you can follow my journey towards non resistance and I will be charing as much as possible from my sessions with RIOs own Yoda, Chris Pimmer and of course everything that I go trough at the tables and some of what is going on off the tables.

And there will be a lot of talk about Love.

/ Z

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