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Hello warriors, nice meeting y’all here, recently GG networks have added their own built-in hud for all game profiles.

Wanted to kindly ask your opinion with my stats “given" especially towards my flop&turn&river frequencies.

VPIP 24. PFR 15, ATS 24%, 3 BET 8
Flop: CB54 FCB 32 CCB 57 RCB 11
Turn: CB58 FCB45 CCB38 RCB 17
River: WT27 WSD47 TAF21 HANDS 20K

-How would you feel about this particular player in general, if you noticed this from the player pool?
-Do you see anything you'd dislike in some spots from your perspective?
-Do you have any tips for me? Greatly appreciated!

Some additional info about my games:
-Reason why I'd like to hear about your opinions because I have never properly studied hud stats(also never used stats analytical tools such for play pool, etc), like those ones you see on stars or Party, I have played all of my games on GG since it came out.
-I focus play on z100&200 (rake 5%, cap 3bb), sometimes z50 depending on the player pool.
-I somewhat "think" I'm a well-balanced and tough opponent to play against.
-I use a lot of limp call / limp 3 bet strategy when sb vs. bb

Thanks for reading! Happy to study with yall here, feel free to ask me for any zoom hands or to ask me anything in the message, I'd like to make some friends here!


June 11, 2021 | 3:38 a.m.

Comment | Eric717 commented on Rake.

Btw, I would like to recall my opinion.... I would play it all loose goosey, I think this structure is made for socialize LOL .

Imagine I drink my free cognac with a goosey sandwich, peaking cards. ;>

May 11, 2021 | 3:15 a.m.

This is an interesting spot here, I'd like to study with yall.
Personally, I think we could go either way here, but I just would want to point out a couple of things to think about that may be helpful in some other spots as well.

1) btn player is playing 80x bb deep, how does his calling IP range look like?
2) How effectively does your flop x/r do against this type of player? How often would he fold KQ type of hand or 77 here?
3) against this type of player, would you do the same as your preflop play with your black22 or black 88? What about QQ1d type of hand? or QsQc?
4) Does his calling range still the same as flop call? When you lead 66 on turn?

Seems okay? Or do I need to get to showdown here?
-I would not hate to x down river and lose to some A5,67, 8x, 99 type of hands, and ready to take some notes, everytime when I got myself into this kind of spot I would not really think stuff like "how would pio do here in this", cuz it really doesn't work that often against a guy behind me with 85bbs.
-your holding is still doing good against miss draws, A3/A4, or random 2 overs with 1d (maybe planned to hit top pair and x river, or with 1d ready to jam river)
-I would not hate myself to bet here and ready to go broke(if that's the case), when you think about his calling range, its mostly gonna be 1 pair type of holdings and there's really not much 2 pairs+ combos in his range, if river the spr is 1.4+ I really wouldn't hate myself to jam, yeah I have way more TT-AA would play the same line co vs. btn like this.

Let me know how yall think about this,

Happy gaming!

May 8, 2021 | 5:10 a.m.

Comment | Eric717 commented on Rake.

I wouldn't play this game, this rake structure makes 0 sense.

May 6, 2021 | 11:50 p.m.

Given this was a z10 game, here is my opinion, all comments are welcome! :

I'd snap call this,

1) by it seems to me, I feel like this BB is just an overly ago player sitting there with 500+bbs, all his lines here in my opinion are just the way that "he feels" the exploitative play is" for this zoom player poll.

2) Once I x'd this T 7 9r flop, I'd be much more inclined to call this river. Regardless of what reason that HERO decided to x this flop and play some turns and rivers IP.

3) It makes no sense to have a turn 72% donk size & 190% size in his strategy tree on this T7924 board vs. CO x flop range, none of his value range would choose this size(This is a bit ego for me to say this, but as a zoom500 reg this is what I see every day.).

Once hero x'd flop IP, hero range mostly looks like random underpairs, or Axs(4567 heavy) type of hand, and a tiny little bit of "weak passive" AJ or even AK type of hand. So that I personally feel like this 72% turn lead size doesn't accomplish much good against this range. If CO range is cap'd, whyd you go this big?

In my opinion BB would be more convinced to go ago like this, vs. co x flop range on this board, I truly believe if this is the circumstance that because of we x'd flop IP in previous, so that I'd more inclined hope to see BB plays his J9, 89, 78,67 or even KJ, QJ type of hand with this aggression, and seems like he knows this would work in a high frequency.

An easy call for me.

May 6, 2021 | 11:49 p.m.

Comment | Eric717 commented on Interesting Spot

I didn't quite understand this part,

" Tje flop was the same but i had TT. Would like to have your opinion on that spot:) Sorry! But lets say i Have KJ suit and he bets 1/3 and i call and a J comes on turn and he checks should i then bet and how much?In this spot i mean he was 3 betting and i called with KJ s..."

May 6, 2021 | 11:02 p.m.

Comment | Eric717 commented on Blind Battle

I think RaoulFlush has well explained everything here, I jus would want to say your range looks like TTs+ heavy, never imagine your IP opponent in this stakes is create enough to make some insane bluffs vs. your easy call range, and fearlessly go broke everytime with his missed random draws(not so really).

Well, with that being said, also assuming that he's not gon 5 bet IP KKs+ in this spot every time. QQs+ I discount to 6-8 combos, A2s 2 combos, what does his maniac bluff range look like? Pretty much nothing.

I'd fold this.

May 4, 2021 | 11:11 a.m.

Comment | Eric717 commented on Interesting Spot

Generally speaking, this is highly dependent on your playstyle I think.

I just would want to point out that his flop bet sizing doesn't make any sense, this is definitely an exploitable spot if I see my opponent use this sizing to me. You def have to note on that, U have a much more nutted advantage on the flop, in his OOP 3 bettor spot this is a really bad bet& sizing.

"I can now bet like small to protect by hand and deny equity if he holds 2 high cards. ", you're on top of your range this is not "bet small to protect", he's mostly drawin 2 outs , you don't care if you go broke in here.

"A friend thats good in poker recommended bettying 1/3 and fold if he check raises.", I don't think your friend understands any poker, fold is not an option here.

"What if i held KJ same flop he bet 1/3 i called with my 2 overs and Backdoor Flushdraw i hit J on the turn ad he checks. " Assuming you are a real human, you are not going to hold some random KJ type of hand here that OFTEN, remember what size did he use on the flop.

May 4, 2021 | 10:48 a.m.

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