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Sup fellow grinders. I was in a $30 NLHE MTT and I was heads up for 1st.

Stack sizes: HERO 19bb (3c6c)
and VILLAIN 29bb (4h5h)
HERO limped on the BTN (have been limping with a wide range to trap).

POT: ~2bb

FLOP: 8c6h6s
V: check , H: check

TURN: 7s
V: bets 2bb (pot size) , H: calls

POT: ~6bb

V: shoves for ~26bb (covers me @ ~16bb)

I call the over bet.

Please let me know what you think of the hand and any suggestions on how it could've played differently (as in raise pre, betting instead of inducing bluffs, and what bet sizing on flop, turn, and river if I had the betting lead) and perhaps allowed me to fold it (if I ever should fold in that spot in the first place)

Please keep in mind 3 factors before giving suggestion or opinion:

(1) This is a micro stake MTT
(2) Hero vs Villain has no prior history but she seemed to be TAG
(3) This was HU for 1st place.

Thanks in advance,
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July 7, 2023 | 5:49 a.m.

Sup FearEquity.

I'm gonna be sweating your bankroll challenge.
I myself am a micro stakes player and have played poker for years as well.

Barely becoming a winning reg after being an aggro donk fish. I want to see where my micro bankroll can take me.

Personally, I see poker as a hobby and don't fantasize about playing high stakes or nosebleeds...however, if my bankroll allows 100 buy ins for high stakes cash games or 200 buy ins for high stakes MTTs I will take a shot.

GLHF keep me updated.

Also, I have a question I posted on the forums. I would appreciate your input on the situation I was in. Thanks.

  • mmr is just a number

July 7, 2023 | 4:54 a.m.

Hi BigBuckNoWhammies.
I play micro stakes too so my opinion will be well understood by you but also keep in mind we both are essentially n00bs :D here it goes:

open from CO to 2.5x with J10ss in a 6max ring seems standard. Great opening size as it conceals your strongest range but allows you to get in the hand pre which also includes your not-so-strong hands like broadways and pocket pairs.
You can potentially play a pot in position to the blinds or steal them.

The flat call from the BB can be wide or narrow, depending on the villain's tendency to defend his BB. But i'll assume he's a normal microstakes reg like us and flat called with 22-99 , suited connectors , and broadways. Given this assumption we can clearly see how your blockers will prevent villain having the strongest hand: He unlikely has pocket JJ or pocket 1010.
Additionally, villain will GII on the flop and will not slowplay his sets here (even pocket 22) because you can be semi bluffing with a broadway yourself.
Since you have top two, villain rarely has TPTK (AJ).
Through this process of elimination (in theory), we can assume villain's X/C range here on the turn to a 75% pot bet is strictly narrowed to an up and down straight draw, given he didn't X/R when the straight hit on the turn.
When he X's the river, it's almost a certainty that he's X to trap with the absolute nuts as all his other slow played hands aren't the nuts now. Anyone except a complete fish to the game who watched too much Tom Dwan would X jam that river without the nuts.

Perhaps in higher level games people can be X/R all in on the river for value with the bottom straight, but in the micros people just aren't that creative or lack the skill to pull it off succesfully

That's what I think of the hand as a fellow micro stakes grinder.

Please do help answer my question titled: Did I make a mistake in this call for all my chips HU for 1st in final table?
I would highly appreciate it.

Certainly we can help each other grind out of the micros.


  • mmr is just a number

July 7, 2023 | 3:34 a.m.

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