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This year in romania the government declared illegal a lot of poker sites , and months later they fined the players who played on those sites.
This makes me wonder how do they know where you play poker online , and can they also see how much you win?
Did the poker sites or internet provider give them this information? Will a virtual private network make them unable to track my poker activity?

Nov. 20, 2015 | 10:25 a.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Chatter: Cash game tracking sites??

Is there such a thing as a site who tracks cash game players , records their stats and how much they play and win?

I know there is something similar for tournaments.

Aug. 14, 2015 | 5:01 p.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in PLO: PLO win rates?

What win rates can i expect from plo on the long term? Can you give me examples for micro/low stakes of average , good and crushing win rates?

Considering that in plo even bad hands have decent equity , i'm thinking that you can't win as much as with holdem , even if the players are worse.

June 12, 2015 | 1:46 p.m.

Does Rio have videos for players who are new/transition from nlhe to plo?

June 3, 2015 | 6:51 a.m.

I'm confused when it comes to the frequency you have to defend against a bet.

For example he bets a street pot size . In this spot you could say that you need to defend 50% of the time , so he doesn't profit , but i also see people saying that you only need to call and win more then 33% , according to your pot odds.

Obviously , calling 33 or 50% of the time is not the same thing , and one of these options makes us lose money. Why don't poker players only stick with one of these concepts (the one that is more accurate when it comes to making + ev choices)? When do you decide to look at the hand through your pot odds point of view , and when through your opponents?

Feb. 28, 2015 | 6:42 a.m.

Was the main factor that caused the gto strategy not to work for them , the pots they played multiway?

If you play 6 max and get only into heads up pots , isn't it just like playing heads up?

Feb. 15, 2015 | 1:50 p.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Chatter: Could GTO be flawed?

I started learning GTO but there is an aspect that no one seems to address. I've been thinking about it , and i can't seem to figure out the answer.

GTO play is supposed to be a strategy with which you cannot lose , not matter how your opponent plays (right? did i get this wrong?)

You are supposed to bet and defend with certain frequencies , so if he plays optimal too no one makes money , but if he deviates he loses and you win.

But it seems to me that you can definitely lose by using gto if your opponent is too tight in some spots.

For example: against the standard button raiser the optimal 3bet range is something like 16% , and you have to shove 40% of this if you never call the 4bet - that range looks something like this KQs ATs+ AJo+ TT +

If your opponent is a 4bet nit and only 4bets AA KK , you lose a ton of money by shoving all those hands. How do you make up for this? If he defends the rest of his range just by calling the 3bet, it doesn't necessarily mean you make (enough) money postflop.

Another example could be when a someone 3bets KK+ and you defend with 4bets (because you're oop and don't call 3bets) 30% like you should , 60% of this being hands that call a 5bet and the rest bluffs. Again you lose a ton in this spot. Even if you would play heads up , it doesn't mean that you make up for the all in loses when you play postflop - since him being too tight in these spots doesn't automatically make you better at poker than him.

There are just extreme examples , but i'm sure you can lose with gto play even if the opponent is looser than that , but not loose enough.

Feb. 14, 2015 | 2:21 p.m.

Comment | SaynotoKlaus commented on GTO books

But you can use those just as well for 6max , since most pots are heads up , right?

Jan. 21, 2015 | 12:44 p.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Chatter: GTO books

Do you guys know any books that focus on game theory optimal (balanced) play?

Jan. 21, 2015 | 6:04 a.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Other: Fixed limit poker winrates

I was wondering what are some winrates for fixed limit games (micro/small stakes) that are considered good.

I want to play casual this variation , and i'm really curious if it's possible to make some money too.

Dec. 5, 2014 | 5:09 p.m.

Very useful first comment...

Too much aggression is when you bet/raise a lot , and the other guy calls you all the time.
High aggression works only when people fold .

Oct. 22, 2014 | 4:11 p.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Chatter: Dealing with polarized ranges

 How do you play when someone either has a strong hand or air ? I often find myself in spots where my opponent is aggressive and polarized , and i have some hand that isn't that good. I have no idea what i should be doing in these spots , bluffcatching is a such a marginal play , that i feel i am just gambling , and i hate my life when i get stacked.

Oct. 15, 2014 | 3:35 p.m.

Most pots i lost were like these , not that big , but i also didn't win much.

Those are the top pots i won (from down upwards).

Maybe i should tend to raise when it hit a pair , rather than let the raiser bet?

Sept. 19, 2014 | 3:57 p.m.

I filtered a 90k samle.

Hmmm , i don't know how to convert hands without starting a new thread on this site.

Sept. 19, 2014 | 3:39 p.m.

 Is this normal? I am winning with AJ/AT KJ KQ QJ, and losing with the better ones. I didn't notice any pattern to be honest , but i probably need to take a closer look , maybe i overvalue them on the river.

Sept. 19, 2014 | 10:45 a.m.

Hand History | SaynotoKlaus posted in NLHE: Nut flush vs river bet on paired board
BN: $10
SB: $10
BB: $13.11
UTG: $10.17
HJ: $10
CO: $10 (Hero)
Preflop ($0.15) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt A Q
UTG raises to $0.30, HJ folds, Hero calls $0.30, BN folds, SB folds, BB calls $0.20
Flop ($0.95) 7 8 8 (3 Players)
BB checks, UTG bets $0.50, Hero calls $0.50, BB folds
Turn ($1.95) 7 8 8 5 (2 Players)
UTG bets $1.30, Hero calls $1.30
River ($4.55) 7 8 8 5 K (2 Players)
UTG bets $3.30

Sept. 19, 2014 | 10:39 a.m.

Isn't the preflop fold too nity , since JJ is in my top 3% hands , and he 3bets 8%?

Sept. 19, 2014 | 5:55 a.m.

He's not a fish , he's a regular.

Sept. 19, 2014 | 5:50 a.m.

Comment | SaynotoKlaus commented on HEM Leakbuster

I don't trust this software , i used the trial and it told me that i limp too much big Aces like AK , AQ - lol i didn't limp once any of these hands.

Sept. 18, 2014 | 8:20 p.m.

Hand History | SaynotoKlaus posted in NLHE: JJ oop vs turn shove 3bet pot
CO: $40.61
BN: $16.32
SB: $16 (Hero)
BB: $16
HJ: $18.37
Preflop ($0.24) (5 Players)
Hero was dealt J J
HJ folds, CO calls $0.16, BN raises to $0.64, Hero calls $0.56, BB raises to $2.88, CO folds, BN folds, Hero calls $2.24
Flop ($6.72) 4 9 6 (2 Players)
Hero checks, BB bets $2.88, Hero calls $2.88
Turn ($12.48) 4 9 6 3 (2 Players)
Hero checks, BB bets $10.24, and is all in

Sept. 18, 2014 | 7:50 p.m.

Post | SaynotoKlaus posted in Chatter: Essential vs elite videos

 Yeah , what's the difference?

Sept. 18, 2014 | 6:40 p.m.

Day 2: "It is possible to be a winning player w/ your strategy but lose for years...playing poker to make money is a big gamble even if you are in the top 5% of players in the world."

Yeah , if you play mostly with the top 4% :D

Sept. 5, 2014 | 4:40 p.m.

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