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Results for last month -

Graph around 35k hands atleast started trending upwards lol. I still feel like I am missing out on a ton of spots. I will be updating changes to be made after this weekend because it will be going back to mainly study

Sept. 6, 2019 | 2:04 p.m.

I like this style of "play and explain" better when you can pause the action and go through your thought process. Great video

Aug. 26, 2019 | 3:39 a.m.

Enjoy the vacation and time with the gf! On that last hand, was this a villain specific read or is this a standard check call there?

Aug. 26, 2019 | 1:38 a.m.

Had to go away for business for this week. Still studying but not as much playing during the week. The sessions that I did play didn't go so well but I was trying something new out. Will update at the end of the month

Aug. 24, 2019 | 11:04 p.m.

8/20/2019 UPDATE

Avg Study time: Still studying a lot more for my study:play ratio

Quality : B game

Putting up graphs of everything so far. A lot of the changes seem to be working. I have also been putting in some "street poker" vs. spots where their bet sizings just don't make sense on certain boards. Definitely had some spew where I was trying to find combos to bluff and only a 15 second decision with no time bank kinda rushed some. Pretty happy with recent results so far and still behind EV. Definitely still feel like I could be playing better in certain 3b pots.


Aug. 20, 2019 | 5:21 p.m.

Intro was awesome. That should be my theme song.

For sites like ignition where its an anonymous pool on boards like the AK2r, do you think its a better idea to be severely overbluffing? They can't take a note on us and start just calling down lighter.

At the same time, how wide would you start barreling? I feel like its a bit hard to find good blockers in these cases but I think maybe 6 thru 9 because they'd be 3betting their lower/higher Ace's and things like that. Having T-Q doesn't really block much since they should be 3betting a lot of those cards. **Sorry if that made no sense lol

Aug. 16, 2019 | 6:48 p.m.

Kalupso Thank you! I was actually looking at that this morning. My overall x/r flop is at 12%. I definitely think I'm missing spots where I should probably be exploiting common folding areas. But... I'm having trouble finding those lol.

akissv7 I am learning that lolol

Aug. 16, 2019 | 3:16 p.m.

8/14/2019 UPDATE

Avg Study time: Last few days has been around 4 hours/day. Been mixing a lot of different ways to study.

Quality : A- gameee

Here is a graph of 19k hand update. I am running below EV by quite a bit BUT I am still at -10 ev overall here. I went through a lot of my hands and decided to make some changes after seeing their hole cards in most spots. I am going to be overfolding vs. aggression on later streets and in 3b pots. Hands that PIO says should be mandatory break even/slightly better calls I am putting right in the muck. People are way to value heavy and rarely bluffing in these spots. Hands where they are literally only representing a few combos I will just believe them. Hands I believed should never be folded in certain spots I will be folding. I used to go by the thinking that if I can still beat value then it should be a call vs. turn + river raises. I just don't think that works here at these stakes anon zoom as I'm just always getting shown the nuts or 2nd nuts in these spots.

Once I get back to higher limits I'll start to see if they are beginning to bluff those spots more or not.

Aug. 14, 2019 | 4:59 p.m.

Completely agree. I decided to take the next few days to mainly 80-90% study and the rest play time. I've been doing about 2 hours of study a day and 3-4 hours play.

I normally play the sessions later at night after the girls go to sleep so its rough on me until the morning when one of them wakes me up and just gets so happy to see me lol. I know its corny but it definitely makes those sessions a lot easier on me. Keeps me in perspective =).

Thank you for the advice you know I respect it

Aug. 11, 2019 | 3:55 p.m.

Yeah I honestly am hurting in confidence right now. I never thought I'd be a losing player at 25z here. Obviously showing a lot of leaks. I hate this feeling lol

Aug. 10, 2019 | 5:18 p.m.

Maybe turn it into a weekly thing? Monthly is fine too. I personally love the ones where you put interesting hands in the post even if that was everyday

Aug. 10, 2019 | 3:40 p.m.

Comment | TJSuited commented on 3-Betting From The BB

wow can't believe 5x is the size with the most EV. Great video as usual

Aug. 8, 2019 | 7:40 p.m.

8/7/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 3 hours

Quality: B game

Heres my first 10k hands update on Ignition zoom. running 10 buyins below EV isn't so fun lol. Leave it to poker to humble you. I thought i'd deposit and just run up a few buyins at 25z to start 50 but.....looks like plans changed. I think there are a ton of those people who just have lines vs. things like checking back in 3b pots then they 3/4 turn then pot or something. The anonymous factor is quite big for me since a lot of my game was picking up on specific player tendencies.

On that note, the line isn't really heading in an upward direction so I am not happy. I am definitely doing something wrong and I'm having trouble figuring it out. Maybe just too small of a sample but I never had my graph where it mostly goes down.

Aug. 7, 2019 | 3:14 p.m.

Colluders I agree but I don't play the regular tables so I think that would be pretty hard in zoom. I guess for bots thats true but they could be on any site

Aug. 6, 2019 | 3:25 p.m.

8/5/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 5 hours over last few days

Graph at the bottom - excluding last nights hands because not available to DL yet

Quality: A game

Running bad and bad runouts so far =/. People's ranges are a lot tighter at zoom so I had to adjust a lot of mine. Block betting seems to be the nuts at lower stakes since nobody is raising for value or bluff raising so I can bet extremely thin and not worry too much. I feel like its honestly best to fold to 3b oop with a majority of my range since the population 3bets stronger than normal.

I'm not sure if ratholing is a good idea until my bankroll is deeper. People are making pretty big mistakes preflop deep with their allins. I've seen AKo 200bb+ deep and QQ IP type hands. So I honestly think just the chance of people spazzing with hands like that when I have AA specifically is worth staying deep since postflop most people won't be putting that much in since so tight. My thought process could be totally off but thats what I'm trying to adjust right now.

Specific adjustments so far -
Tighten up BB defense range since their overall open range is tighter.
Fold to 3b oop alot more
maybe never 4b bluff?
I tried putting in a decent amount of cold 4b bluffs in BB vs. btn open, sb 3b. Wasn't working as much as I thought it would
Block bet way more often even if my range is face up. - been working very well
Anonymous makes things very different to me - I'm just going to assume everyone is a nitty bad reg or a fish.
People have been floating flop wide so I've been double barrelling small and been working well also.
I have been getting Donked into and triple barrelled SO OFTEN and always shown bluffs/bad pairs type hands. I adjusted by raising the flops with my air, turns with draws and just calling down with value (or raising obviously).

Aug. 5, 2019 | 4:50 p.m.

I'll post the hand when I get it converted tomorrow. Kind of annoying to wait 25 hours but its just me needing more patience

Aug. 2, 2019 | 7:23 p.m.

8/2/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 2 hours

Will just put up a graph weekly instead of amount of hands here

Quality: A game

Watched Drluck's new video right before a session and having that thought process fresh in my mind helped tremendously. Was put in a very similar spot to his 256hh board. Felt incredibly easy to maneuver that spot especially when villain checked turn and I was able to bet small and feel confident about my play =).

Aug. 2, 2019 | 7:22 p.m.

I vote for the Runaway train =). Amy does a great job with the animations giving a little fun way to watch.

Structure of the video was great. I love hearing the exact breakdown of every part of the thought process.

Aug. 2, 2019 | 6:13 p.m.

8/1/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 1 hours

Hands: I'll have to figure out a better way to update this - i only have a hand converter and it works 25 hours after the session

Game quality: B

Won a free elite month memberhsip for the 2nd time! Going to use that extra money towards another lesson with DrLuck3 =). I learned an incredible amount the first session and really looking forward for the next one. Was only able to put $1k on ignition so I've been grinding 25nl zoom and earn my way up. Zoom and anonymous is definitely very different than my normal games. It will allow me to just focus on theory for a while. My next goal is to get a decent database up that way we can look for leaks that I for sure know we can fix quickly.

Aug. 2, 2019 | 4:21 a.m.

Awesome results man! You deserve all the best

Aug. 1, 2019 | 12:32 a.m.

7/30/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 3 hours

Hands: 0

Game quality: --

a little over an hour going over some boards with a poker friend. Went over some strategies we might think are going to profit way more in anonymous pools. Putting money on ignition as soon as it clears through BTC =).

July 31, 2019 | 2:42 a.m.

Was this the exploitative video at lower stakes?!? =)

July 30, 2019 | 10:08 p.m.

7/29/2019 UPDATE

Study time: 3 hours

Hands: 0

Game quality: --

A lot of studying today. Half was with PIO and the other half watching RIO videos. Really finding some creative spots for anon pool to try out. Super excited to start playing on there

July 30, 2019 | 3:07 a.m.

7/28/2019 UPDATE (stole the structure from Nuno--hope you don't mind =P )

Study time: 2 hours

Hands: 0

Game quality: --

Going to be trying to do updates like this daily also. I had coaching on thursday and was given some homework to do. Just finished up the other portion of it tonight. My next step will be to memorize it and once I have it down I'll move onto another spot. I'm not sure if the coach would want me to say who he is but I do want to say it was an extremely insightful lesson. Very happy with how it went and looking forward to the next one. My goal for the next one is to have a database ready to go over so that means I will be switching from global poker over to ignition. I personally don't like the anonymous portion of it because I love getting reads on individual players and figuring out the best way to exploit that said person.

I did learn an insane spot while studying today on a certain board where we are potting/slight overbet flop and jamming turn with 25-30% of our range depending on the brick turn lol. So that was interesting for a SRP.

July 29, 2019 | 4:13 a.m.

I'm going to copy your structure of the blog =). Still waiting on the war room haha

July 28, 2019 | 4:51 p.m.

We need a battle room picture! Those are pretty awesome graphs =) can i borrow one??

July 25, 2019 | 9:01 p.m.

Can't wait for this one =) Glad other people think so too!

July 24, 2019 | 9:37 p.m.

Liked this video format quite a lot actually. Maybe you should do a video at lower stakes showing how you'd exploit more of the field?

July 21, 2019 | 11:06 p.m.

Poker plans for the future are going like this -
Very short term - Fully focus on quality questions/hands to bring up for a coaching session next week.

After that I want to put in about 4 hours(minimum) a day of A game play (broken up into 2-3 sessions) and use about 1-2 hours of study/review. Most of my job allows me to get work done early AM like 5:30-10:30-11 if need be.

After I feel I have enough questions/hands for another session to go from there.

End of September - Hope to have a sufficient bankroll built. If i had to put a monetary value on it I'd say $10k. But honestly the amount doesn't matter to me, its more I want to be rolled to play the stakes I can beat. I am trying something where I'm using bankroll money towards coaching and using my knowledge to build the roll instead of just putting "x" amount in at once.

End goal - be an end boss =P. I am extremely competitive and just want to take my skill to the limit. Not to be confused with just a person who wants to play high stakes..Its more for skill than money to me at that point.

July 19, 2019 | 2:56 p.m.

great video love the in depth analysis for a majority of the spots you're put in

July 18, 2019 | 6:23 p.m.

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