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Post | Tcif032 posted in NLHE: 200nl NJ Online

So I don’t have the hand history but can lay it out below. I like my thought process in this hand but that means little when you don’t execute.

1/2 NL 6 max ($250ish stack)

Hero: AhKh utg raise to $6
Villain in SB: calls (roughly $220)

Flop A7A one heart

SB checks
I normally don’t lead this flop but I thought it might disguise the A and get him to float, I bet $6, and SB calls.

Turn 8h bringing a flush draw.

We go check check

River 5x

SB leads $26
I click back a min raise to $52
SB shoves

I used almost my entire time bank here before begrudgingly calling. I couldn’t find many hands I beat and clicked the call button anyway.

AJ/AQ could have 3-bet pre so I think those are less likely. A2-A4 is possible along with A6/9/T but I haven’t seen the villain get out of line at all and it feels that I’m only beating those hands plus pure bluffs which in 30 minutes at the table haven’t seen any big bluffs executed.

I think this should have been an easy-ish fold here.

June 4, 2023 | 2:15 p.m.

Idk if there’s much you can do here as played. I honestly think your biggest problem in this hand is being new to the table, unfortunately. If you knew how he built his stack, you would might know if he builds pots when chasing draws etc..

I do think your preflop sizing should be more in the $25-$30 range but I don’t think it changes the outcome.

I also agree with the above post and would lead with more than 25% of the pot on the flop. Idk if you get away from it but it might give you a chance to.

June 4, 2023 | 1:57 p.m.

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