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Cheers guys! super small sample so far ofc.

15/07/20-19/07/20 Update

Bombed p hard on this weeks goals unfortunately. Got next to no volume in since I went out drinking w friends mid week and also had the GF staying. We'll get em next time.

20/07/20-26/07/20 Goals

  • Play 18 hours of poker. This works out as 3 hours per day Tue-Sun.
  • Study everyday.
  • Work on physical + mental health everyday. More specifically I want to run a minimum of 2 miles (2x 1 mile runs, new to running and trying to normalize >1 mile) and spend minimum 1 hour meditating.
  • Avoid results through the week. I've edited my most commonly used HM reports and removed any results stats/filters. Beyond this, I want to view weekly results exclusively as evbb/100, only checking graphs etc. on a monthly basis. This should allow me to better avoid any narrative regarding my results.

July 19, 2020 | 12:51 p.m.

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What's up RIO,

I've tried starting a few of these before, but never really committed. Let's make this my final, successful attempt! I basically want to blog for accountability and bc it seems fun, so we go again!

Cliff Notes
- 22 y/o student from the UK
- Currently playing SSNL on stars with a $1k BR
- Playing poker full-time over summer, and potentially beyond (?)
- AKA trying to get good/go pro

The plan for now is to basically grind poker 6 days per week (Tue-Sun) w one day off (Mon). I'll set/update goals on a weekly basis, and likely do monthly recaps.

15/07/20-19/07/20 Goals
- Play 15 hours of poker. This works out as 3 hours per day for the remainder of the week.
- Study everyday.
- Work on physical + mental health everyday. Physical health = exercise. Mental health = meditation. All the wizards are doing it these days.

Also going to stream sometimes (here) as I feel like it will supplement the blog well, and have enjoyed doing so in the past :)

Oh, and here's a recent graph playing 5-50NL for those interested.

Think that's all for now, let's goo! <3

July 15, 2020 | 11:29 a.m.

Post | WAGO posted in Chatter: Coming up Playing Poker in 2020

What's up RIO!

I'm Will, a 21 y/o student from the UK. I have played poker for 2-3 years, mostly splashing around the online micro-stakes games (6-max NLHE), with varying success.

Thought I'd start (another, oops) thread for general accountability + blogging purposes.

I'm going to be starting out with $100 on PokerStars where I'll be playing nl10z (willing to replenish this bankroll to continue playing nl10 if necessary).

For the time being, I'm going to be focusing primarily on win-rate, and moving up in poker. Studying and trying to implement high quality play to this end will be prioritized. I.e. quality>quantity.

To keep it simple, the plan is to profit 10BIs at each limit (minimum) and aggressively take shots at the next one, at least until I exit the micros. See below for required hands at X limit to move up at differing win-rates.

Unfortunately volume will be low throughout April/May as I still have a bunch of uni work to do. Lets try and do 10k hands by months end!

Will update weekly here. I think that's everything for now - let's goo! <3

April 7, 2020 | 12:32 p.m.

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