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Nice Post. Agree, short term diets dont work. Read a study once stating that 90% of people who loat weight on various diets had put the weight back on within 2 years.
I think sonetimes its a mentality thing if thinking of it as a diet which is for the short term. Rather we should be thinking, what hange can i make that would make me healthier. E.g. dont drink from Sunday to Thursday. Dont eat chocolates until after 7:30pm, only alowed one snack per day etc. Make lots of these small changes over a long time and eventually you'll just have a healthy lifestyle.

Another good rule i heard somewhere was, its ok to fail but if you do make sure the next day you don't.

Gl with the grind.

Dec. 5, 2021 | 10 p.m.

Update? Interested to hear how its going? What are you doing to learn the content quickly,? How have you found the strategies etc?

Aug. 6, 2021 | 9:04 p.m.

Yer its good. Im running pretty awful but the group is great and the support and material is excellent. Still getting used to the system but feel like ive got most of it down now. Hopefully i get a bit of run good and can start climbing the stakes.

July 29, 2021 | 3:13 p.m.

No, i keep getting the stars reward chests for 40% so feel like its too good not to stick with.

How is your studying going? I remember you were studying tons in the last blog. How does your study routines look like now youre downsizing it.

July 28, 2021 | 4:24 p.m.

Gl with the grind. How do you find GG compared to Stars?
Nice to get an upswing early on at a new site.

July 28, 2021 | 6:28 a.m.

Hey mate. Stay strong. You're crushing it. Youre just too hard on yourself.
Keep setting personal goals which are clear when youve achieved them. Not just study this x, but maybe review 10 hands before and after a sessiin looking for mistakes. If you do better in the 10 after the session then reward yourself because youve earned it.
I can't imagine how id deal with persistent pain, i get pretty grumpy after a few hours of something like that so again, dont be too hard on yourself. Take a break or something for a few days and then get back too it.
Keep crushing

June 11, 2021 | 6:32 p.m.

Congrats on making the jump to full time. Cant believe you vet so much done whilst teaching a couple days a week as well.

June 10, 2021 | 4:30 p.m.

GreT results Dirk. Keep crushing.

From someone who has played a litte at 100nl i can say that the regs still play similar and the fish are still fish. Great thing about the cfp is that you just need to apply the system as consistently as possible and have faith in the data. Im sure you'll get usec to the stakes after a few k hands.

April 20, 2021 | 5:23 p.m.

Looks like youve managed to keep a pretty consistent approach. Glad it seems to be going well for you. Will you be doing monthly graphs or anything? Are you playing reg tables?

Sigmund-Freud some get a 40% rakeback challenge chest if they complete a certain amount of play.

April 15, 2021 | 6:30 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Yer really good advice. Ive also read that tagging something to another activity helps establish it as a routine. Like the idea of following it on from a shower as that could also link to my morning exercise. So bike, shower, meditate, cookie 🍪.

April 8, 2021 | 6:03 a.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Definitely, i set myself a goal of doing 5 mins in the car park at work before going in and could stick to it. There was always something more important i had to get to. Ridiculous that i couldn't justify 5mins.

April 7, 2021 | 4:08 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Been running pretty well so will post my graph since joining the CFP discord group.

April 6, 2021 | 9:47 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

So did pretty well with my goals last week. Mediatated 3/5 nights, the other 2 i was catching up with the streams. Got on my exercise bike only once, but on TUesday I started doing loads of work in the garden, moving stones then laying turf so by Wed I was exhausted and decided the bike could wait. But pretty much finished it today so will try to get back on the bike tomorrow.

Something I have notice this week is how my mindset has changed towards my study. In the past I was constantly trying to develop a strategy that I thought would be successful. But as we have the Nachos CFP strategy, this has completely changed to learning and executing the strategy accurately. Feels strange but hugely more productive than running sims to then compare vs a simplified strategy to then re-sim etc.

This change has lead me to consider how best to learn. The quizzes Ive been making are good as they force thought and studies have shown that low stakes quizzes have a positive impact on learning. But because I am no longer trying to develop my own strategy, my warm up routine has stopped. I used to write out all my heuristics on an A4 piece of paper before starting but as Im not using them specifically anymore Ive stopped. So I need to consider a suitable warm up routine before I start playing. Anski cards are great, but having just tried them, it shows that I dont know them well enough to actually practice effectively. So going forward over the next couple weeks I plan to write out (As this works for me) part of the system from the Nachos strategy until I can do it from memory.

So goals for this week (and next a its nearly Wed) will be: 5:45 Exercise bike 3/5 weekdays, Meditate 3/5 weekdays, copy out part of the system before each session, play 3 sessions ~ 3.5 hours, study 2 sessions ~ 3 hours

April 6, 2021 | 9:45 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

New Beginnings

So this week I officially signed up with Nachos Poker. If anyone hasn't read FreeNachos' (Patrick) blog here on RIO I would recommend it. Starts out like a description of my own journey, playing on and off for several years but never breaking out of micros. Starts a blog, then joins a CFP (Detox) then crushes using the Mass Database Analysis lines, does some coaching within detox but due to tax stuff has to leave. As a result of loads of micro grinders like me approaching him for coaching we cant afford, he decides to make his own CFP

Because of copyright etc Patrick has had to go through all of his own data to create his own lines and systems for bluffing and bluff catching etc. But as a result he has used more recent data so hopefully if I can accurately execute the plays he outlines for us (Team of about 8 of us - several from here) then hopefully I can have a trajectory not too different from his own.

My goals going forward are to: learn and integrate the strategy he is outlining, execute it accurately and consistently and maintain reasonable volume (though he is quite relaxed about this which is refreshing).

The final, more long term goal, is to become an instructor for Nachos Poker and bring in my own players to help them climb the stakes and help grow the CFP. This part will require the first 3 goals to be a success and I'll probably have to avoid too much negative variance, but that's out of my control so don't plan on worrying about it. Something I am doing to work towards this, which I find useful for learning myself, is creating quizzes to assess areas of strength and weakness using google forms. I've actually found this really useful and I've enjoyed doing them so will probably do more.

March 30, 2021 | 9:51 p.m.

Great progress and nice to see a focus on study over volume having a good outcome.

March 21, 2021 | 8:27 a.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Probably not, mainly because I play on stars with friends so id have to add to the stake and then track how much id won (while playing drunk) so better to just keep it separate.

March 19, 2021 | 5:13 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

SO I've come to the end of my RB challenge. Finished a couple of days ago and decided to test out the 100nl tables after my BR took a little boost. So far so good but only played a small number of hands but its nice to see that there are still plenty of fish limping and playing with a short stack, giving up to small flop best too often etc. I used to always think there was a huge jump every time i moved up stakes and give villians credit for being able to bluff loads and end up stationing off in the wrong spots. So need to keep the mindet of decent players play pretty well and weak payers generally dont.

This is my graoh since setting my 'be more focossed goal'

In other news, and part of the reason why I 1. Had a little play at 100nl and 2. Have stopped doing my own MDA work (Which on reflection was pretty substandard) is because I am joining a Nachos Poker CFP. Similar to others here, I read his journey and reached out, initially, to ask about coaching. At which point he invited me to join his CFP which will hopefully be starting soon. Despite the group of about 8 of us, having not signed up officially yet, he is still producing loads of great content for us. He's obviously a genuinely great guy doing all this in advance which leaves him open to someone getting some free coaching or content. But i think you'd have to be mad to not stick around. If I get anywhere near what he has achieved I will be pretty thrilled.

So moving forward, I will not be cashing out!!! I will not be posting much if any strategy as it will not be my own. But I will probably focus this journey on mindset and achievement.

My long term goal is to become a coach for Nachos CFP as the team grows. With this (ambitious) goal in mind I will try to lay out some of the high performance habits that I will try to emulate to reach this goal. Will probably post results as well because everyone loves a graph.

March 17, 2021 | 10:53 p.m.

The sleeping during the day is really common. When the womb, babies are rocked to sleep every day by muothers movements. Or so i read wben i was completely sleep deprived looking for any solution 😅.

It does get easier but not much. Then your wife decides that the horrific experience of chikd birth wasnt so bad and tries to pursuade you tonhave another. But you've got a year or 2 before that.


March 12, 2021 | 6:12 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Cheers. Sent you a dm

Im pretty good in game but sneak a look at the endnof a session. Then let it dictate my confidence which js obviously ridiculous from session to session.

March 7, 2021 | 3:37 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

So thought I better update. Trying not to check results until the rb challenge is completed. Think I'm down a little but have cleared enough points that I should be able to finish off the month playing reg tables which I think are more profitable in general. Even after hands per hour as I only play 3zoom or 4 reg its a bit closer.

I'm trying to stick with the high performance habits outlined above as I think clarity is a huge factor for me and impacts all the others so much. I've set an optimal schedule to my week which means I find it easier to transition between work, family, study, play better. I've scheduled in early morning exercise which I couple with mindset podcasts or training videos. As well as 3 evenings playing I have 2 dedicated study nights. This might become 2:3 depending on rb challenges etc but we'll see. 

The next item of clarity i need is my study sessions. I have plenty of population reports which I can start using with gto+ to generate a solid game plan. The process is to start by focusing on spots which are overfolded as my data is frequency based and betting too often is less useful without knowing range construction. 

Having read nachos journey I know I need to focus on deliberate practice so will use gto+ to drill each spot until I can navigate 50 reps with 90% success. 

So with a bit more clarity about my study, I now feel more confident about my strategy moving forward,  have more energy to get those reps in and achieve more productivity this week with my study.

March 6, 2021 | 11:04 p.m.

That's great news. Im sure you'll do great on your next cfp . You clearly have the work ethic and some guidance will definately help you climb the stakes.


March 6, 2021 | 10:43 p.m.

Can't believe I missed this journey. Resonates with me loads. Im a teacher trying to progress beyond the micros despite several years of trying.

Love the mda stuff and the deliberate practice article. Ive used gto+ a bit fir that but always feel overwhelmed by the endless branches to the game tree. But having consumed this journey today, i know i need to focus on the commin spots to find exploits.

Gl. Looking forward to the next installment

March 6, 2021 | 10:41 p.m.

When i mean setting up experiments i mean something like node locking where villian clearly over folds or over defends etc and see whatbthe solver does. Also run reports for simplifications. Obvious ones being try range betting or range check oop etc.
But dont want to mess withbyiur study routine which seeems really solid.

March 4, 2021 | 1:54 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Yer ill have to put together a decent ssmple before ill be that confident with it but from the solver work ive done it looks like it matches up pretty well with some adjustments with fairly easy to identify heuristics.

March 4, 2021 | 12:40 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

I bought 5million but im working with about 3 so as im a bitbworried my laptop will have a melt down. Waiting to build an etension with an office and then plan to get a decent desktop that will handle a bit more. Hopefully in time for my 100z analysis :)

March 3, 2021 | 6:34 a.m.

Sounds like you have a really solid approach. Its probably really common for regs to get stuck at a stake if they're too focussed on volume. I like the process of setting up sims and making notes. Something else worth doing is running experiments to analyse concepts to apply. Otherwise its easy to overcomplicate your strategy and then get lost. But i think yiur current process will certainly help you make great progress.

March 2, 2021 | 5:21 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

Yer i just dknt have time to get the volume in with family and work etc. The cashout thingbis pretty controversial but like i said its surely better than not gettingbthe 40%rb which is huge and probablybworth 3-4bb/100.
The mda stuff has been interesting, id say most regs play the flop pretty well but then their frequencies can be quite a bit out bybthe turn. This could be exploitative changes but it just opens them up ti being exploited back i suppose.

Though tbh, my game plan at the moment is so simple and it feels like it is just so rarely in difficult spots that i only really want to make small adjustments at this stage. But it could just be run good making me biased so will see after another 50k hands or a big be even stretch.

March 2, 2021 | 2:51 p.m.

Comment | gazjax69 commented on I Cash Out!!!!

So feel like ive been pretty focussed over the last week or so. Had one horror session that undid a few really nice sessions but its all just variance at this point. I do feel when playing, that I am confident of where i am in the hand and my range. I have outlined a pretty simplified strategy that has a focus on the strength of the hand and several heuristics that will shift my decision one way or the other such as how aggro the villain is, the texture, blockers etc.

This is the graph since having a real focus on consistently applying my simplified strategy.

Have continued to run reports into the 50z pool but its not yet at a stage where I am diving into the numbers yet as there are still some reports that I need to finish first. But hopefully by the end of the month i will have some concrete exploits.

March 1, 2021 | 11:37 p.m.

Good luck. Are you playing reg or zoom tables? Sounds like you have a good plan for study. Are you looking for anything in particular when you're looking through your sims?

Feb. 28, 2021 | 7:08 a.m.

Like this. Ive started scoring myself on 6 key areas that i know if im playing my best, i will score high on. If im playing poorly its usually because I'm not considering these areas.

You might benefit from setting a schedule for the week ahead. But then plan check points to identify if you need to take a small break if playing poorly.


Feb. 21, 2021 | 9:22 p.m.

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