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Thank you for the response. And you're right, there's nothing wrong with check folding air on the flop, I just feel like I've called off too much money in that situation: flat call a 3x raise from the BB, and check folding the flop when I don't connect. I'll mix it up too, of course, with some calls and an occasional raise if I think the board looks like it might be favorable to a BB range.

I'm going to watch that video now. Thanks!

Feb. 23, 2019 | 1:13 a.m.

So this is a situation I struggle with. I'm in the SB or BB with a good, but not premium hand, say 10js or Kjo. Someone in CO or on the Bt raises, say their numbers are somewhere around 25/17, so they are a little looser than what people usually consider a TAG, but they aren't exactly a cowboy either. In position I rarely just flat call someone's RFI, I'll usually 3bet, especially if there are people who have to act behind me yet. But out of position I am a lot more reluctant to 3 bet someone with the middle part of my range. If I raise and he 4 bets back I'm in a situation I'd rather not be in, if he just calls then I'm still playing out of position post flop, which is also the case if I just flat.

The reason I really hate this situation is the post flop play. If I flat and completely miss on the flop, which is going to happen most of the time, I hate nothing more than flatting off an extra 2 bb preflop then just check folding on the flop. It is about the definition of weak poker in my mind. If I did 3 bet him pre flop and he called do I then C-bet into him with a flop that missed my hand but could potentially have connected with my range?

How do ya'all play these situations?

Feb. 22, 2019 | 7:15 p.m.

Post | lamaglass posted in MTT: JJ on the button

Hero's on the button with just over 11k stack, largest at the table half way or so into tournament, dealt JcJs, hijack jams with just under 1300, Hero calls. Villain in the SB calls as well with just over half his stack. Flop comes 2,3,7 all spades. Villain checks. What's the hero's move?

Jan. 30, 2019 | 7:16 a.m.

Thanks for the feedback. I just responded to Snow and Fire about people shoving 300 into a 35 dollar pot, rather than value betting, when they make their hands. So yes, you are correct in that poor players will often broadcast strength rather than try to get paid. When I said they connect more that wasn't necessarily what I meant, I guess I meant that they are more likely to connect with anything. If I have AK and the board comes J72 rainbow against a tighter player I might be worried about sets or maybe AJ or 10J or something, but against a fish they might have just hit J2 or something. That's what I was talking about. Not the percentage of time they connect but the difficulty in knowing when connect.

Jan. 15, 2019 | 2:06 a.m.

So, I don't often bluff. Not in cash games anyway. A little more so in tournaments. I"ll explain my thinking a little more. knowing what I know about the guy I was playing the pot with, he could have had a small/middle pair, It's possible that he had an A, but I had seen him raise with Ax on more than one occasion and he had limped. So other than that I'm thinking any two over cards or any two suited cards. He could be limping with just about anything, really and calling a raise didn't necessarily narrow his range for me, OTF I took the line I did because, obviously, that's not a dry board or one that you particularly want to see if you have a small pair. I wanted information, which I could have got from a smaller bet as well, but if he wasn't ahead I didn't want to give him good enough odds to call. Despite wanting to rep aces, after my flop bet I thought the chances were in my favor that I was still ahead.

A little aside first before I tell you why. When I re-read my initial comment I can see how I came off sounding pretty shitty towards the UTG guy. I wasn't trying to just make him sound like a weak player, but when I say that he has likely never heard of pot odds, I wasn't just saying that. You have to understand the room I play at. It isn't uncommon for someone who connects in a big way (a set, a straight, even the low end when there's 4 cards to the straight on the board and they have the bottom card, or the nuts) and are sitting on 300 in chips and the pot is 35 to just shove. No value bets, or even 3 seconds of consideration, like they are waiting for the action to come to them so they can jam as fast as they can. I swear I see it multiple times on any given night. This guy is one of those players. This is not me being arrogant, or talking bad about people. I like alot of those people as people. This is just the game I play in.

So, back to this hand. The flop comes and I decide to make a 3/4 size pot bet. This is my thinking. If he does have a small pair (I don't think he has an over pair b/c he limped) there are 4 pairs smaller than mine and 3 larger (if we aren't counting broadway range) One of them that is smaller than mine is obviously represented on that board. If he has a pair of 4s he will likely come over me and I'll dump my hand. If I've eliminated 4s, which I pretty much do after betting the flop, bc he just calls, I'm left thinking he has either clubs (he would have dumped random suited cards of any other suit) two over cards, or one one of the other 6 small pairs. He could have 6s too, but I haven't really considered that. Soooo....If I'm looking at that, rather large range, I'm figuring I'm still ahead, even if he doesn't buy my bluff. If he has pairs it's 50/50 that I'm in the lead (three small pairs bigger and three smaller), As far as the overcards, I'm slightly favored there. If you subtract the king on the board there are more combinations of QJ, Q10, J10 than there are of KQ, KJ, K10 and factoring the possibility that he has any two clubs there is a better chance that I am ahead, and that he is on a draw. When I factor his demeanor when calling I hadn't eliminated the pairs, but I guessed he was on a draw. Probably a clubs draw bc with an A on the board there are only gutshot straight draws and there are only 4 cards that will make his hand and I didn't want to lay him anywhere near good enough odds to call and possibly catch up. Despite the odds I Iaid him he did call with, if he did believe I had connected with the board, a 4 outer. If he didn't believe me, and in reality, he had 10 outs to beat me (1 more out than he would have had, had he been on a club draw), he still wasn't getting good enough odds to call.

When I made this comment in the first place I was still frustrated over a bad beat. But that's what I was looking at from my perspective. I do have a shitload to learn to be playing at the level I'd like to (By level I mean level of play, not money...though I would like to have the bankroll and ability to play higher stakes as well), which is why I spend my time soliciting information, watching videos, practicing on APT. Again, I appreciate the feedback. I think having other players challenging you to think your process through and pointing out flaws in that process is essential to growth. Almost all of the social time I spend with the people I know locally who do play cards is at the card room and we aren't giving this kind of feedback. So thanks!

Jan. 15, 2019 | 1:57 a.m.

I appreciate the feedback. I really don't try to buy pots that often. I generally play pretty tight. I'm not one to try to force action. And boredom at the table isn't an issue either. I love the environment as well as most of the people I play with. I love the game. I thought I was ahead in this situation (I was when I got my money in), I still wanted to represent a stronger hand. You are right. It was a bluff. I do see a lot of the people I play against playing pretty loose and sloppy but the fact is that, unless I'm walking in there cleaning up on a regular basis, I've obviously got some pretty big holes in my game as well. I don't have any delusions that I have shit figured out. Again, thanks for the advice. I will continue to study, watch videos and ask for feedback. Be well.

Jan. 14, 2019 | 6:54 p.m.

So I play 1-2 NLHE at a locally. I have a casino I can go to about 40 minutes away, where the action is generally a lot tighter with a generally higher caliber of player. I play most often at local charity card rooms where there are a lot of people who play there are like ridiculously loose. For a long time I had a pretty standard pre-flop raise of 5x. The problem that I encountered here with that is that a.) it isn't uncommon for there to be a family pot of limpers. I RARELY limp at all. When I was raising to 10 or 12 preflop I'd still get 4 or 5 people calling me pretty regularly which makes it that much harder to defend my range. Especially with a bluff C-bet. So I started just experimenting with a standard raise size of 7.5-10x. Which generally does the trick. But I still get some downright stupid calls. This post is coming out of a hand I played last night.

I am in the small blind and get pocket. Player UTG limps, the table folds around to me and I raise to 15, which was my standard 7.5x all night last night. BB folds and UTG calls. Flop comes Ac 4C Kd. Now I'm not too worried about the ace. I've seen UTG dude raise preflop with A rag a few times tonight from just about any position. So I don't think he has an A, but the K scares me a little more. I figure maybe I can rep the A, maybe even make him believe I have AK. on three different occasions over the night I've done my preflop 7.5x (one was a three bet) and after taking the pot down preflop I've shown AA once and AK twice so I'm hoping he will buy AK or at at least a big A. So the flop comes and I throw out a 3/4 pot sized bet for 24. He has to think about it. It isn't acting. and based upon how things play out I'm pretty sure dude has never heard of pot odds. HE calls, Given his demeanor, and just my general read I put him on a draw, I'm thinking a flush draw. Next card comes and its a 4h. So now the board is paired. I think about it for a while. I feel confident about my read, and my ability to represent the A. Even if I'm not pulling that off, if my read is right my 6,6 is good anyway. I don't want him to catch up, I'd rather win the pot right here so I jam with my remaining 78, which is just over he size od the pot. Dude insta calls. When he did it I thought that he must have a 4 and my read was way off, or maybe worse yet a k4, but dude rolls a Q 10 off. Proudly. BB dude says A,K as I'm rolling my hand. At least someone believed my semi bluff. So If dude believed I had either an A or K he is calling for exactly a J. Which puts him at around a 9-1 dog I think. In reality his odds were higher bc he could have beat me by pairing either of his hole cards too, but he was there for that jack. The river comes and. You already know. He makes his gutshot straight.

Obviously getting sucked out on is part of poker, but there was no way that dude should have been making that call. Anybody else got advice for best dealing with players who will pretty much throw money at anything (the obvious answer is take their money, but it creates too many risky situations where you are up against crazy ranges that will connect a lot more), I'd love to hear what ya'all have to say?

Jan. 13, 2019 | 9:28 p.m.

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