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I love the 1 chip strategy. Unfortunately in this card room they don't allow any $100 chips on the table in the 1/2 game. I think I have ultimately come to the same conclusion. There is no need to slow down here and I'm not trying to balance anything against these types of players. They are all capable of having weak Ks, 2 pair, gutshots/open-ended cards that they would be willing to splash with.

Thanks a lot for your comment.

Oct. 26, 2020 | 1:11 a.m.

I like raising here to $30-$50, probably more so between $30-$40, as KQs is most likely crushing their ranges that you described and it most likely will allow you to see a flop in position if you're raising with the tight image that you believe you had at this table. SB has less than half pot if he is only caller, BB has 2x pot and you have 2.25x pot along with position.
It sounds like a great spot to navigate. You have a good sized pot in position with people who can be calling with practically anything and you have a very draw heavy hand. You can also play it straight forward if everyone comes along.

Oct. 23, 2020 | 4:27 p.m.

Bet Sizing Multiway Raised Flop - $1/$2 Live game with 2 Dealer's Choice/Orbit

Sitting at an 8 max live $1/$2 game ($300 capped buyin) w/ no in game rake but a $12/hr seat fee. There are two plaques that rotate counter-clockwise where every time the button and a plaque meet the button gets to call a game which usually consists of PLO, Big O and Congress (5 card H/L) and about 95% of the players are fish in any of these games.

In this situation we had just come out of a PLO hand where I won a $400 pot and I have been bullying the table for the last few orbits. In the last hour I ran $300 up to $975. The table is extremely loose and passive for the most part. We have 1 pro 2 seats to our right and a decent reg directly to the pro's right with the rest of the table being fun players.

Hero LJ $975 - KcKd

UTG+1 limps $2 - fun player w/ $400 behind
H raises to $18
HJ calls $18 w/ $300 behind - fun player
Button calls w/ $600 behind - fun player
BB calls - decent reg w/ $450 behind
UTG+1 calls
Pot - $91

Flop - K54r
Checks to H
H bets $55
Folds through

My initial thought was that I could size it down closer to 1/3 pot because I am dominating this dry board. But then I thought that given how loose everyone is and seeing what everyone had turned up with over the past 4 hours that it was very plausible that any of these given players could have been playing any 2 pair here as well as suited open ended/gut shot cards with back door outs that may call at least once.

I also tried to factor in my table image. The last two orbits I felt like I was slaughtering the table and that the fun players were beginning to feel defeated. I am intentional in talking and joking with them at the table but at this point my aggression in my play seemed uninviting. I left this hand feeling really confused as if I should have down sized this bet. The dynamic of my image seems interesting enough at this point as well but it's also very possible I'm over thinking this.

What are you all doing here on this flop?

Oct. 23, 2020 | 3:14 p.m.

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