The Best Cash Game Team in the World is looking for Applications

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The Best Cash Game Team in the World is looking for Applications

Hello people of this great forum. If you don't know me, I'm an Elite NLHE coach here for Run It Once.

I'm also a cash game professional. Started at 5nl zoom in 2016 and am now a high stakes regular. You can check most of my progress through the stakes here at the run it once poker journal section, where I kept 3 blogs: Pursuit of Improvement, Pursuit of Legendary Performance, and Pursuit of Balance. I have been playing mostly 500z for the past 9 months and have recently transiotioned to playing exclusively 1knl-2knl. Here are my results since April 1st.

I'm also co-founder of a Staking and CFP company - Brazilian Poker Crew. Me and my partner zinhao (who is also currently a high stakes regular after playing 500z for the past several months) initiated this project in march 2019. We started by staking and coaching two players, one of which is currently one of our coaches at the team, Max Lacerda aka maxlljr. Max is our first success story, having moved up from 50nl to 500nl in exactly one year. Today, we have around 25 players with active contracts in the team, from 7 different countries around the world, and we are looking to expand even further. After a little bit more than 1 year, we have achieved over 400 thousand dollars in winnings, and close to 90% of our players are winning.

Throughout my life I've always rejected mediocrity. That's something I learned from my parents. If you are going to do something, do your best. And when you have the right tools, capacity and do your best, its likely you will become the best in the world. I will eventually be the best cash game player in the world. And I believe my cash game team is already the best cash game team there is. And I'm here to give you the opportunity to join our project.

Here is an overview of how the team is organized:

Players are separated by tiers. There are currently 4 Tiers in the team:
Tier 3 - 50nl players;
Tier 2 - 100nl players;
Tier 1 - 200nl players;
Tier Elite - 500nl+ players;

Perks of Tier 3:
- 1x group coaching per week, in small groups of no more than 6 players;
- 4x new strategic videos per month, covering DB reviews, HH reviews and other formats;
- Access to our Blueprint Strategies, a set of defined strategic advices for all spots of the game tree, which has the goal of exploiting imbalances of the low stakes pools, generated from hundreds of hours of Mass Data Analysis;
- 1x Live Session per week with one of the team coaches;
- Access to preflop ranges charts, built to exploit imbalances of low stakes pools preflop;
- Access to all recorded sessions of Tier 3 past coachings;

Perks of Tier 2:
- Everything Tier 3 has;
- Access to a big library of Pio Solver sims, so you can start improving your GTO knowledge without much effort;
- Access to GTO preflop range charts;
- Access to advanced H2N filters, popups and HUD;
- Access to The Ultimate River Bluffcatch Spreadsheet, a complete and detailed sheet showing the overbluffed and underbluffed lines in all spots and all sizing sequences, by both recreationals and regulars;
- Access to all recorded sessions of Tier 2 past coachings;

Perks of Tier 1:
- Everything previous Tiers have;
- 1x new advanced strategic video per week;
- Access to Complete GTO Blueprint Spreadsheets, contianing all the GTO frequencies of all the lines of all the spots of the game tree, built by running thousands of aggregated reports across all spots of the game tree in Pio Solver;
- Possibility of working with a top of the market Psychologist 1x per week - who already has years of experience of working with poker players, by only contributing with a symbolic amount per month;
- Possibility of being hired for exclusive positions inside the team (there are always new activities);
- Access to the Avanced Videos Libary;

Perks of Tier Elite
- Everything previous Tier have;
- 1x 1v1 coaching session per week with the headcoaches (me and zinhao);
- Access to exclusive poker tools developed by our own software developer;
- Possibility of becoming a coach for the team for lower Tiers;

On top of all that, we have recently introduced what we call "The Office Hours". Every week one of our coaches dedicates 1 hour to talk about whatever is on your mind.

We also have rakeback deals across all major sites, including bodog/ignition, party poker, gg poker and so on. I'm talking extra rakeback from what the sites already give.

Most of our contracts are FULL STAKING. You don't put a single dime of your pocket. There is also the possibility of a no staking CFP only contract.

Here are 2 feedbacks we received recently from two of our Tier 3 players, which both had already had experiences with playing staked: Arthur and Fred. Here is a recent instagram post from one of our Tier 1 players, who moved up from 50nl to 200nl in around 3 months.

There are many more feedbacks I could post and probably forgot some perks along the way :D

If you think this is an opportunity that makes sense to you and your career, apply at our website. Also make sure to follow us on Instagram, where we constantly post new content and news about the team: saulo, brpc.

Realistically, to enter the team nowadays you would need to be at least beating 25nl. If you are still not there, give it a little time and apply when you are ready. We are not going anywhere.

Cheers and GL everyone!

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