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Quick update:

Its just 2 days since my last post however some things changed so I want to comment on this.

My downswing continue so I spent yesterday and today like 4-5 hrs reading blogs here on RIO to get some inspiration. What I learned is that most people recommend during downswing stop pushing volume, study more and have better table selection.
I also find out interesting post from guy "Freenachos" where he compared 231 players with 100k+ hand played of zoom and 238 players who played 200k+ hands on reg tables. Where average reg from reg tables has 2.7bb/100 better winrate than zoom player. So I decide instead of 4 zoom tables play 4 reg + 1 zoom.

So I reduce my hand/hr from 900 to 600 + I am now very strict with table selection
With this rules I put 5k hands yesterday and 3k hands today and lost both days 10 buyins each day :D
Here is graph from January (I didnt play much on the beggining of the month so its more like last 14days.

I experienced couple 30-40 buyin swings in past but having this on micro stakes and lossing 7bb/100 on nl10 after having 10bb+ winrate on HU mid stakes 2 years ago is now very painfull.
I am trying to use this pain as motivation + not checking results during the day helps me alot. I think I can still play my A-game like 95% of the time but this being more and more harder.

For fun I checked all my PF allins in last 4 days (80bb+ shove or call) with my range being JJ+ AKo/AKs and I lost 15 out of 16 PF allins (Just won one KK vs QQ) and those supposed to be 50/50.

Either it as just bad variance only or my poor skill combined with bad variance I should look for game improvement. I am now strongly concidering CFP program from the guy Freenachos who I already mentioned or CFP from pokerdetox.
I will do some more research and hopefull choose best option. If anyone will have some tips about CFP or coaching in general I would appriciate any advice here or on my discord: MartinVee#3148

I still have in mind my goals for rest of the month however I am not going to play 5k+ hands everyday because I have now less hand per hour and I want to focus more on studying, hand review, reg analysis, reading more blogs, finding good poker program, etc. So I will aim more like for 8hrs/day with poker. Not just exact volume.

Jan. 20, 2023 | 10:36 p.m.

Thank you alot for message.
yeah good point and I agree with you. I have now no clue what my skill level is. I used to play nl50 like 5 years ago and than played alots of heads up. So my plan is now starting pretty much from zero, play like 100k on nl10 zoom very fast and see what my skill level is. Than I will decide if I should push more volume or studying I guess

Jan. 19, 2023 | 7:59 p.m.

December 2022

I play around 100 hours on nl5 zoom with around 4-5bb winrate. Than I start having big problems on nl10 and relaize that I will need to work on my game much more.

January 2023

Since 12th of January I bought kanu7 course for 1.000$ and start focusing on poker hardcore. Usually last couple days I study 3-4 hrs and play 6-7 hrs a day. Here is graph of my last 6-7 days

I am not sure if I am that bad or its just variance. However losing on micro stakes motivates me alot for improving. Thats also why I just started with this blog today.

Course I bought seem too complicated for micros so I will for now focus mainly on playing. Or If anyone can recommend me some good materials for studying for nl10-25 I would really appreciated it.

Goals for rest of the month:

-play every day 5k+ hands
-Focus on health: Cold shower, 3times a week gym/run, no sugar


Jan. 19, 2023 | 3:51 p.m.

Post | MartinVee posted in Chatter: PLAY POKER AND ESCAPE THE MATRIX

my name is Martin and I am from Czech Republic. I used to play heads up holdem up nl1k however I was just waiting for fishes and running away from regs so my game skill was very poor concider stakes. I invested all earnings in to realesate/stocks and took 2 years break from poker. Now I would like come back but for 6max holdem. Starting on micro stakes with 100$

What I expect from this blog:

-Track my goals
-Find people on simillar level for study together, share knowledge, review hands, etc (add me on discord if interested: MartinVee#3148)
-Inspire and motivate others
-Talk about investing little bit, make solid passive income and finally ESCAPE THE MATRIX!

I plan to post here once month with summary and goals for next month + during the month randomly add smaller posts if I will have someting interesting to say. Also will focus on giving some tips what I learned in each month so hopefull you can get something usefull from my blog as well :)

Jan. 19, 2023 | 3:31 p.m.

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