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I think this is nice oportunity to give you thanks for putting Nachos CFP together. I have been one of the Nachos student for over year and I can really recommend it to anyone. Went from breakeven nl25 player to nl500 in 12 months with over 25k$ profit. The information we are getting from Patrick (and others coaches) is way beyond what is expected.
So really thank you Patrick and good luck on your new journey!

March 23, 2024 | 4:38 p.m.

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Good luck on your new journey

Jan. 1, 2024 | 7:51 p.m.

What a crazy month! It was the most profitable one by far, although I have to admit that hot run tricked me and I wasnt that sharp with studying, making it probably the worst month in terms of improvement. During first 12 days of the month I didnt have single losing day. The next 10 days were around BE, followed by Christmas where I took full break from poker for entire week. It was the first time I took a longer break from poker than one day since May (when I joined Nachos CFP) so that was nice refresh.

Overall profit 11.705€ and 49k hands. Played 81hrs and study around ∼40-60hrs

I can share some graph from December although I dont have HHs form my second site where I made half of my profit.

+2.5K€ from rb

At first I want to say I am aware it was mostly, if not entirely just good run. Until I have like 200-300k hands on nl200 I dont know much about my real winrate. So in January I want to be back in 50:50 study:grind ratio and finally finish resilient lines module from Nachos I spoke in the last post..

Also want to mentioned that I played on EPT in Prague. Was interesting experience to play live poker. I played mostly 5/10€ (with 50% action sold). On my table one recreational drank 7 drinks and lost 2 times 5k€ in 3-4 hours. That was pretty wild. I played just for one day tho. Rake there was brutal. 5% with 30€ cap. I think this could translate to a loss of about 15-20bb from my win rate. Considering you play 25 hands per hour instead of 600 which I play online. I think online poker has like 3 times bigger EV for me unless I would have crazy fish, play very deep on 5/10€ and have 100% of my action. Still its was very nice experience and I plan to play live poker more in the future.

Life outside of poker
I am always trying to balance wealth (poker), social life (family, friends) and health. However I didnt do good job with health in most of 2023. My habits have been incredibly poor, with no exercising at all. I still weight around 83kg but feels like i gained 5kg of fat and lost 5kg of muscles in last two months. On the top of that my sleep is very bad. I am sending report from my Oura of each month in 2023 of my avg sleep below. 6.5 hrs would not be so bad but there are always like 3-4 random wake ups every single night because child scream which destroy my sleep hygiene. Hopefully it will get better soon. Bad health habits make everything more difficult.

Quick tip at the end:

I have tip from book called The Grit which Patrick recommended.
I think most of you know about importance of deliberate practice which is main point of the book. However there was one more super important thing as well and its how to implement consistency in deliberate practice. Answer to this is Routine '
If you have to do something difficult and unpleasant on daily bases sooner or later you will lose motivation and stop doing that. Only one option how to be consistent in that is create Routine. So do certain thing at certain time in certain place every single day. You will not even realize that you have started with that thing. You just do it.
For example every day I start with studying my anki flash cards than GTO wizard drills than HHs review of 15bb+ spots. I don't even think about my will if I want to do it or not. I just do it

See you in the next month and Stay hard in 2024!

Jan. 1, 2024 | 12:56 p.m.

What a month. Very happy that I was sharp with studying. Played 79 hrs and study around 80-90.
Also I was pretty consistent with my daily tasks:

Profit wasnt that good. I Was up 5-6k€ around the middle of the month. Was even thinking its possible to hit 10k but than I started loosing alot on nl200. End up pretty much break even but no big deal, thats poker. Improvement is way more important than monthly profit results

Overall profit 738€ and 53k hands

Finally have really good daily schedule which I can stick most of the days.

I am right now focusing pretty much only to study resilient lines lvl 2 which change my game significantly and I'm enjoying the progress so far.

(In Nachos CFP we have this thing called "Resilient lines" which is strategy for all betting turn options and some flop nodes (stabs + raises). Overall 24 nodes. Where Patrick give us % of betting/checking on different textures (usually 4-6) with each strenght class category (around 12). So overall its over 1000 numbers. I think Patrick would not mind if I would share one example of 2barr OOP 3BP on broadway overcard turn)

Goal is not playing GTO or something. But more like having reasonable range structure. For example if you 2barrel all strong hands and draw in OOP 3BP your checking range become very weak and many midstakes regs would eat you here alive whenever you check. So its very important to miss 2barrel with 40% of your 2pair+ hands.

Should be doable to learn especially when you have effective study methods. Like anki flashcards, GTOw rng drills, hhs review, etc

Should learn all of them in max 3 months.

Quick tip at the end:
Today I have a mindset tip that helped me get through tough times, and its PERSPECTIVE
Poker can be challenging on your mindset but when you compare it to others competitive areas like sport for example you will realize how relatively fucking easy poker is.

Let me tell you little story. I was playing professionally table tennis. Started at 6-7 years old. Since 8 I was training 5 times a week. By the time I was 13, I moved to Prague from small city without parents to one of the best ping pong centers in Czech. Since than we practice 6 times per 5 weekdays and during weekend we had league or tournaments (we usually had 1 free weekend per month!). When I was 18 I was in the top 5-8 in Czech youth categories and around top 80-100 in the adult category. Meaning I could play league in Germany for like 600-800€ per month. (I could not even play for money in Czech!)

Long story short, after 10 years of practicing pretty much every day, with one of the best coaches and players in my state, thousands of € spent by my parents. I was able to make just half of avg income in my state!

Its very similar in others sport and most of businesses etc.

Can you imagine this in poker?! That you would work hard for 10 years for 0$, spent thousands for coachings and than after all that you will make under avg income?
Yet people in poker are complaining they are not making 5-10k$ every month after 1-2 years in poker.... (Me included sometimes)
So I hope this story will helped you see the whole PERSPECTIVE in though times and you will start measuring your progress and results in years, not months or even weeks ✌🏻

Nov. 29, 2023 | 10:49 a.m.

Start of the month went well. I played mostly NL200 and add some tables NL100 FR stars if I needed more action. Was very confident I could beat all those limits with solid winrate even with 8-10 tables. I made 2-3k first couple days of the month. I also used to 6AM wake ups. Everything looks perfect, felt like the sky is the limit....

However at 8th of October I faced one super annoying problem I dont want to speak publicly. Since than everything went pretty shity. On the top of that I am now pretty sick so cant even play and can barely study. As if the variance from poker wasn't enough, there can be shit variance in real life too.

Anyway overall profit this month was ...... 47€ and 38k hands

October Goals

  • I spent much less time on phone will speak about this at the end of this post. ✅
  • I am happy that I finally increase River raise IP ✅

November Goals
- Improve XR and R strategy OTF in SRP and 3BP
- Keep learning most important nodes

Quick tip at the end:
Make your phone black and white. Yes you hear that right. If you spend more time on your phone than you would like to, change it to black and white. Its so annoying that you will bacially stop looking at any social sites.

only using for chatting basicaly. (YT is there bc I was watching recipe during cooking + little bit of random videos) but 0 reels, 0 insta/tiktok, etc
If you want to change it on iphone:
Open the Settings app - Go to Accessibility -Tap on Display & Text Size - Select Colour Filters - Toggle the switch to On, and tap Grayscale.

Quo at the end:
The magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding

Oct. 30, 2023 | 10:33 a.m.


Hello everyone,

I just hit 10.000$ profit target in Nachos CFP program and 5k€ last month! I have been on a 10-day winning streak (+ hit new record day 14buyins)
Its crazy how after spending 3 months with 120+ study hrs and 80 grind hrs per month, I was only breakeven but than in just 10 days I managed to make 50 buyins without any additional studying. So far its quite a wild ride this year.

December 2022: I deposit 200$ on stars and 60$ on party, starting at nl5.
January: I moved up to NL10.
February-April: I played 107k hands on nl25 with being just BE even after rakeback (graph below)

On 11th May: I joined Nachos with BR 1.5k$ shoting nl50.
May-August: I start crushing nl50 right away and keep failing every shot on nl100 I took, losing my winnings always within a couple of days. Then spent weeks rebuildign my BR at nl50.
Finally September: When I took 4th shot of nl100 I won 50 buyins in couple days (some from nl200 already)

Goals for October
1) River raise IP above 25% threshold. If you guys have below 20% (I have 15 ) you basically hate money pretty much no matter what stakes.
2) Keep my phone only in workroom or outside when I leave house. Its going to help me to be more present. I think its good to be bored time to time because It lower your dopamine baseline. You will start enjoying basic stuff more. Recently I could not even finish my food without phone. Or even when watching movie or taking care of my daughter I still keep checking my phone when I get bored for like one second.

Quick tip at the end: Toggl
Pretty cool time tracking software. Its online and free. You can make there like different type of projects and other functions. So if you need something for tracking your playing or studying time I can recommend this. Here is my screenshot from this month for example

Quote at the end:
Always remember, you will only win when your mind is stronger than your emotions, GL!

Sept. 30, 2023 | 11:23 a.m.


I had ready 4 paragraphs of excuses why I failed my 150 hours playing goals but decided not to post it since it would be just waste of time for others. Lets say it was hard month and things didnt go as planned.

Overall played 39k hands which was 80hrs in like 16-17 days (Other days I didnt play pretty much) and end up -13€
Posting NL50 and nl100 graphs (just from stars) since I joined the Nachos program which was like 4 months ago. Also have 3 fails of shooting 100$ tables but that's life.

Quick tip at the end: Hour Of Power

This thing my mindset coach recommend me couple years ago. These days I simplified it and make it super easy so it takes around 7-8 minutes.
Basically at the morning go outside before breakfast for short walk (best if you can do it before you grabbed your phone) than:
1) (1min) Breath deeply, get some clean air, raise your oxygen level which boost your brain/energy, get some sun light.
2) (2min) Practice gratitude. Appreciate stuff you have (Healthy body, familly, friends, job, home,..). Literally say yourself "I am happy for this and this". It maight sounds dumb for some but if you do this for course of entire month your overall mood during the day become significantly better.
3) (5-6min) Visualize your day, month and longterm goals. I hope I dont have to speak why visualization is good. Pretty much every single high successful athlete spoke about that at this point. Just visualized your day, how you study, how you sit on tables, win AA preflop, 3barrel vs fish super thin and win huge stack, etc etc. Than visualized your wining at the end of your month and achieving your long term goals

If you can do some running or other exercise on the top of that, it would be super great but its much harder to stick to if for like 1year+ period so I recommend to rather do simplified super easy and effective version like I am doing as well.

Quote at the end
Focus Practice, Not Performance!

Sept. 1, 2023 | 9:09 a.m.


About July month, well pokerstars results suck balls... So far I have 70k hands with EV 7bb winrate (real 4bb) on NL50 and 10k hands on nl100 where I lost like 15 buyins. Overall profit on stars without rakeback after 3 months 0$.... It is what it iz I guess
Luckely on party I am doing still great. Even I am playing there only 1/3 of my whole action I somehow won 2.3k$ and shot abit nl200 in July.

Overall 74 hrs play time, 2.7k $ profit and 44k hands. This is graph from stars.

Play time is pretty shit. Concidering July was mostly study month its not the end of the world. Next month however I absolutely have to play 150+ hrs and hopefully will apply the skills that I have been studying for the last three months.

Plan for next month
- Study GTO only for 2barreing (SRP,3BP/IP,OOP), Stabing as PFC (SRP,3BP) and focus on GTOw drills when defending flop (vs cbet small, large, XR, stab, etc etc). . Dont study GTO anywhere else!
- Play tables only with 40+vpip fish or 35ish type with +1 position.
- Play decent volume.

Quote at the end...
Complexity won't make you a winner, but consistency will! ✌️

July 31, 2023 | 10:01 p.m.

Thank you man, good luck on your journey as well!

July 31, 2023 | 8:37 p.m.


Hello guys, from the beginning of June, I started shooting nl100. Results-wise, it went pretty well (I was up like 12 buyins) however the difference between nl50 and nl100 on Stars is crazy. There are like 3-4 times fewer tables that have one fish and then there are like 3 tables with 3-5 regs waiting for fish. Also even though I was running pretty well, I felt like I was below average at the tables. So because of this I changed my plans (again :( ) and instead of pushing volume, I focused on studying. I got a chart with nodes of a simple formula: frequency of the pot * size of the pot (basically where the most money flows) and each day I just laser focused on that specific node for 5-6 hours one by one. For example facing a raise vs my cbet when OOP in SRP as the preflop raiser. I looked into Aggregated Reports in GTOw, made notes, set up drills, and tried to achieve 90-95% success.

In the evening I focused on playing but usually it was just 2-3 hours per day. Overall, I played 79 hours and studied over 140 in June. Unfortunately exactly from the day I started studying hard I also started losing hard.

Here is my graph from stars in BB, mix of nl50 and 100.

However these days I slowly start feeling like I belong between those nl100 regs and completelly crushing nl50. Going to spend one more month at least in study mode and probably start grinding hard from August. Cant wait.

Also made around 1k€ on party so at the end I end up at least BE. Obviously results from 30k hands are completely irrelevant so I am trying not feel bad about loosing month in stars

A quick final tip from June:
Download Google Remote Desktop on your phone and PC. Whenever you have to go to the toilet or do something for a couple of minutes away from your PC you can simply play your tables on your phone (meaning on your PC through your phone). It takes about 10 minutes to set up and then only 10 seconds to connect whenever you need to. Also the controls are very easy.

Edit: carefull with google remote app. I used it for years on all known and alot unknow sites and never hand problem but these days could be abit risky since sites are carefull about any remote apps.

See you next month!

July 1, 2023 | 4:30 p.m.


Hello guys, in May I finally made decent progress with my bankroll. Around 12th of May I finished 30k recruit sample. I have been solidly following the standard lines so I got in to main team where my 650k hands contract started. Since I just had big enough bankroll for nl50 I decided to give it try with 5buyins from the start of my contract. Somehow I won 20 buyins in 4days and hit 1k$ profit target which unlocked even more advanced information.

Here is my graph since 12th of the May

I also played 12k hands on partypoker and made 650$ profit there. Overall 1600$ in 34k hands ~9.5bb winrate. Super lucky start of the program.

I spent around 200 hours with poker in May however most of that time was spent studying. For the next 6months I have set a new goal of playing 150hrs and studying 50hrs every single month. Definitely want to finish the CFP by the end of 2023.

Alright thats about my poker results and plan for next months. As always I want to share now the most usefull thing I learned this month which is the concept of - Not checking results/dealing with variance.

First of all lets start with some data. You can check them out at:
Lets say you have 5bb long-term winrate (Which not many people have) and you play 2000 hands per session, day or whatever. Here are the results....

You have 41% chance of having a loosing session. Its almost feels like coin flip.
Because of that I decided I to check my results only once per week.

In May I found out that I have more problems with variance when I am winning alot than when I am lossing. After my 20buyin hot run at the beggining I started to worry about loosing my profit. Becuase of that I pushed studying probably to much instead of playing. Play only in perfect time under perfect conditions. Probably start missing some very +EV bluffs when I had to play for whole stack, etc.

After that I had 5-6 days of breakeven. (NOT EVEN LOSSING!) and it felt very bad. Just because I got used to that hot run which ONLY TOOK 4 DAYS! A couple months ago I would sometimes even be happy for breakeven days, haha :D. Crazy how fast your mindset can change.

I am just sharing this story because checking results often is always bad in my opinion, even when you are winning. Obviously there is exception for checking results because bankroll management rules and thats also why I want to check my results every week. Otherwise I would probably look in to that once per month and not care about any results from a sample below 100-150k+ hands.

A quick motto at the end that has resonated with me recently.

See you next month!

May 31, 2023 | 4:46 p.m.


Hello guys in April I spent around 160-170 working hours, so I fell short of my goal of 200 hours. This was mainly because for the first 14 days, I focused only on studying the Nacho's CFP program. I didn't play a single hand and instead watched coaching videos and memorized standard lines in these first 2 weeks. I have to say that studying for 8 hours a day is way harder than playing for 8 hours, at least for me.

After those 2 weeks I played 4 reg tables with focusing on new strategy. Here is my graph from whole month from nl25. It was 79.5 playing hours. (first 4k hands was before joining CFP)

I feel like Iam starting to learn poker from scratch again, and Iam curious to see where this journey takes me.

I dont have much more to share about poker for now. Just going trough 30k hands recruit sample to see if I can follow std lines and then they should put me in to the main team to start grinding 650k hands with profit split.

However today I want to speak more about my health goals for April where I have made massive improvements:

  • I went for a morning run 20 times out of 30 days. Typically I run for only 10-15 minutes + do some light exercising. Also during run I visualize my day, my goals for the month, and my goals for the next year or more. After that I spend about 2 minutes practicing gratitude. This little routine totally shifts my mindset and gives me such a positive energy that lasts for the entire day. It's insane especially when you compare it to spending 30 minutes in bed on your phone after waking up.

  • I went for a walk 28 times out of 30 days, typically for 60-90 minutes. Overall, I took 257k steps, which I think is solid because I was more focused on consistency than on reaching a certain number of steps.

  • I didn't eat anything within 3 hours before going to bed, not even on a single day.

Here are some screenshot from activity report from my oura ring I mentioned in last post. The reports are daily so it's a bit difficult to see the entire month like this but I did my best to connect three screenshots together.

Each column represent one day. White is High-intensity activities in my case running. Light blue is medium-intensity, for me usually walking and dark blue I am not even sure. Its probably when I am standing next to my pc, doing stuff around home, stratching etc.
Below these graphs is more info about daily goals, training frequency and volume, recovery time and others data.

There is also whole another tab with sleep and readiness witch have even more statictis and data. Overall its really good health gadget. Probably simillar to apple watch however you can wear it easily 24/7 and recharge once per week. It's also very good at tracking your sleep. Where you can see how quality of you sleep change if you eat food right before sleeping, if you drink alcohol, watched phone(blue light) until you fall asleep, your heart rate during sleep etc etc. I can at least show screenshot from yesterday sleep tab.

I would probably have to make video or make this post super long to share everything so if you want to know more probably just watch some youtube videos.
Also I have to share one major drawback which is that they charge a 6€ monthly subscription and I really hate to pay monthly membership which could end up overtime more than purchase price which was 350€ btw.
Overall beside from the monthly fee, this product is excellent and I have to recommend it if you want to get your health life on another level.

Sorry I didnt speak much today about poker stuff I was just very exciting from my health progress. Cant wait for my next update for May. If I keep working these 150-200 hrs a month, pushing my health goals to improve my mental well-being and on the top of that getting one of the best poker coachings on the internet there is just no way for me to not succeed unless I am super retarded...

Thanks for reading and good luck in your own poker journey!

May 1, 2023 | 12:39 a.m.

Quick update:
I just signed a contract with Nachospoker today (April 5th, 2023) to participate in their CFP program. I am going to share my profit with them for next 650k hands.
Exciting times, now back to the work!

April 5, 2023 | 9:55 p.m.


Hello guys, another month is behind us, and I don't even know where to start. It feels like at least four months have passed since my last post.

Anyway, the most important thing is that I became a father. Our daughter was born 10 days before her due date on March 4th. Having a child feels like the ultimate life drug. It boosts all your emotions. I want to mention that there is also a lot of stress and fear, not just happiness and joy, as it might seem when other people talk about having kids. Not many people want to share this dark side.

For example, the day of our baby's birth was super stressful. The birth itself took 16 hours, with a lot of metal pain and obviously also crazy physical pain for my wife. So I would definitely not say it was the happiest day of my life :D , it was the most important one for sure, just not the happiest. Anyway, except for a couple of small problems, we are doing great, I am very happy that both of them are healthy and we are excited about this journey.

Let's get to the poker stuff now. It was pretty hard to put time, focus, and energy into poker this month, but I still played 121.5 hours and spent a few tens of hours studying. I finished the Cash Injection course from Peter Clark about MDA and pool leaks, which finally boosted my red line.

Unfortunately, the overall results are pretty shit. Here is graph from whole March from 4 reg tabling on Stars

On party poker I played around 30k hands and made a small profit. Overall, I might be a little bit in plus with rakeback, but pretty much breakeven.

Since I only got around 2 times 3 hours of sleep with 30 minut break on average night, I had 0 outdoor time, 0 excercise and very bad eating habbits. I am pretty happy with my poker progress/results. I still learnt a lot of stuff and played decent volume. Also in the middle of graph I lost 24 buyins in 3days/5k hands where I literally couldn't do anything about it so I am abit blaming bad variace for my results as well but who knows... Anyway, I am so excited about April. I know that if I keep going and improve my health, I am going to crush NL25 so hard!


- every single morning quick run before breakfast. Could be 10-15 minutes just be outside, visualize goals, get fresh air and not waste half an hour on phone before waking up from bed.
- Do one activity per day. Usually walk or sometimes gym.
- Dont eat after dinner (3 hrs before sleep)
- Every night put on paper your daily goals for next day.
- Optimize sleep

Also I bough oura ring which is tracking device (smart ring) that tracks and analyzes sleep, activity, and other physiological metrics which gives report into overall health and being. I just got it today so I will give you feeback in my next monthly post but so far this device seems life changing.

I would like to spend 200+ hours on poker in April, with probably something like 160 hours of playing, 30 hours of coaching, and 10 hours of random stuff around poker (such as checking hands, working with GTOwizard, etc.). I definitely want to play 100k+ hands in April.

I am trying to get into Freenachos' CFP program. Many people from here know him from the forum. We had a call, and they usually look for players from NL50+, but because of my work ethic, I might get a chance to join sooner. Getting into CFP gives me the most sense. Not just because of poker knowledge, but also for networking and getting into the poker community. It is so much harder to make it in poker when you are alone without friends you can call or discuss hands with in chat every day. I just hope I can get in to the program as soon as possible because right now playing and especialy studying I don't feel is that effective at the moment since I maight get in to the program soon and have new knowledge.

Things I recommend for this month

  • Don't underestimate health
  • Work on networking in poker same as on your poker raw strategy for example
  • If you work 150 hours per month or even less don't think you are working hard!

March 31, 2023 | 4:31 p.m.

PrankCallRiver I completely agree with you. In my opinion, I have already reduced the volume enough tho. Maybe on higher stakes where games are really though 6 tables could be hard but for my skill level even on 6 tables I feel pretty bored tbh. However really good point with starting less tables. I followed your advice last two days and in first 20 minutes of the session I play just 4 reg tables on pokerstars. Focus on having really good tables with fishes first and then I add tables from party randomly.

Also thank you for advice about shoting higher limits :)

March 2, 2023 | 6:54 p.m.


Overall, February was a great month. I made consistent improvements throughout the entire month and earned a decent profit as well

In the first half of the month, I finally started crushing nl10 as I had mentioned in my previous post. However, the nl25 shot wasn't as smooth. Especially at the beginning, I lost six buyins in two days and almost had to go back to nl10 (It was around 23k hands in the graph below). Fortunately, things got a little better after that and by the end of the month, I was up $100 on stars and +470$ on party. Overall with profit from nl10 I am over 1k$ (with rakeback) in February.

Even I am glad that thanks to party I have now established bankroll for nl25. I dont care that much about money profit yet and I would much rather start crushing 25$ tables on stars. Which is most important goal for me. Its also easier to grind in poker when you focus on improvements and not on net profit.
Here is my whole pokerstars graph from February:

I finished carrotcorner scholarship Grade 2 and I think I finally got basic, level 1 GTO fundaments. So in March I would like to start focusing more on exploiting stuff. I have purchased some coaching sessions to study the pool database of small stakes players. I hope this will help me achieve a breakeven red line and a decent win rate on NL25

I have achieved all of my goals for February, although I could have spent a little more time studying preflop ranges. I played four regular tables on PokerStars and two to three tables on PartyPoker. Overall, I played approximately 75,000 hands this month.

Goals for March

First of all, I have some exciting news to share. My wife and I are expecting a baby in March, with the due date set for the 15th. I am very excited, but I'm also feeling nervous at the same time. I know it's going to be quite a ride, but I'm looking forward to this new chapter in our lives

I will try to put decent volume in first half of the March but after that I have no idea how much time I will be able to work. Therefore I dont have that big poker goals for March.

  • Finish 10 poker coachings which I bought about small stakes pool leaks.
  • Beat nl25 reg tables on pokerstars
  • Keep analyzing every day top 5 biggest spots and all marked hands before first session

Also I am negotiating about CFP deal. However, I need to achieve a solid win rate and have a decent sample size on NL25 first. I will provide more information about this in my next update probably.

Things I recommend for this month

  • Good table selection - especially on lower stakes you should really focus on having at least 1 solid fish on each table. Thats also reason I would highly recommend to not play zoom tables. Unless you play it for competitive reasons.

  • Analyze couple hands before your first session of the day. Thats really nice habbit to have. Mainly beacause its good as warm up before session and also in past I had big problem that I was marking hands I wanted to analyze but never had system to do it regularly. Soon I had so many marked hands that I rather never checked them at all. So checking these hands for 10-15 minutes a day before session is not that hard and over the course of a whole year, this could make a massive positive difference in your game. Remember, Consistency is key!

Feb. 28, 2023 | 12:32 p.m.

Thank you for feedback. Really appreciate it. I always though that when is very loose/passive fish (like 50+/5) on blinds I should expand my OR range and not make it even tighter.
Otherwise yeah in my ranges I have 50% OR with J7s and 100% with J8s with 2.5bb sizing.

Feb. 16, 2023 | 12:36 p.m.

Quick update:

Yoooo hello RIO! Things have changed significantly so I need to make quick update because tomorrow I am planning to shot nl25.

So far I played this month 23.5k hands on stars and around 12k hands on partypoker (I am always playing 4 reg table on PS and usually 2 on party) Overall I made 450$ so winrate 12.7bb/100

Here is my graph from stars:

I am very exciting about getting out of micro stakes because I start loosing motivation for studing / improving my game since everyone has so many leaks postflop and games are not very competitive.

Things helped me this month the most:

  • overbets overbets overbets. Thats actually crazy how pool overfold vs overbets. Mainly in cap ranges and especially when scared card comes OTR
  • x/r range. Whenever you are OOP value bets are pretty much never mandatory. Even you have initiative. For example on SB in BvB situation I start x(misscbet)/r OTF 25% of my strong hands like some 2Pairs and sets (not top set bc its block TPs - so Villan betting range) and realize people crazy overfold when they stab vs my misscbet and I x/r them. So I start x/r with pretty much every single weak backdoor which I dont want to cbet.
    Same when people cbet small OTF on dry/semi dry flops. Again I pretty much x/r any backdoors which I cant call.

Alright thats all from me for now. I just wanted to make quick summary before nl25 shot. Hopefully things continue going well tho. See you soon!

Feb. 14, 2023 | 12:41 a.m.


I really want to make my blog valueable to read for others so I will try to give as many advices as possible.

Firstly I want to start on positive side. I pretty much achieve all my goals. I took cold shower like 90% of the time. I did gym/run 3 times every week and also had almost 0 sugar. I lost 3.5 kilos and 4cm on the belly. Right now I am on 81.5kg
The box diet for full day helped me like crazy with this. If you having problems with overweight I very recommend you to buy it for like month. You just eat only what you get in your box diet and you should see results very fast. Its not that hard to stick to it like if you would shop and cook for yourself + its not that expensive. On the top of that it will save you a lot of time and its super healthy.

About poker I didnt play that many hands in January because as I said in my last post I reduced hands/hr.
Later in the month I even just played 4 reg tables without zoom (400 hand per hour) and also focus more on studying outside of the tables. I still spent easily 8+hr per day average with poker. So I am super happy about finishing my goals even numbers of hands per month are low.

Ok now its time to show graph for January...

I had ready big crying post but than I deleted it and decide to leave graph without comment.
January was just nightmare in terms of results and I am glad its over now. I will try to preted that Fabruary is new beggining.

At the end I didnt sing up for any CFP program yet. I tried to message nachos guy, he replied here on PIO but than he forget to reply to my message on discord. I could obvisouly remind myself tbh but I decide to try it without CFP for some time before I sign up myself for sharing profit for several months...
I start studying scholarship on tho. Just finished grade one recently. It really improved my game. He has also alot free pratical materials on his youtube channel if you want to check it as well. Although for more theoretical stuff you need to buy his scholarship.

My biggest problem right now is switching between GTO and exploit mode. I just really dont like folding and many times I am argumanting in my head just for calls or raises and never for fold from GTO strategy even when I am vs fish and I should be in pure exploit mode. For example in this hand.

Preflop: I increase sizing from 2.5bb to 3bb because on BB is very loose fish
BTN is 31/25 weakish reg
Flop: I will cbet this flop very low frequency with low sizing because I have range and nuts disadvantage. So J5 I decide to x/call
Turn: easy x/c even vs Overbet
River: My GTO thoughts: I have bluffcatcher (I dont beat any value bets and I beat all bluffs) so I dont care about my relative hand strength and I care only about my blockers. I dont block any FD, he maybe dont have that many 22/33 in his cc PF range. 55 I am blocking so I have really nice hand to call.

However instead my thoughts should be something like yeah I have good bluffcatcher but overbets are extremlly under bluff line. If Villan would bluff for example busted FD he would 99% use like 1/2-3/4 pots and dont risk whole stack. This is super easy fold.

Goals for February

  • Start playing on party poker and play 6-8 reg tables.
  • Study preflop ranges. Dont waste time with excel during play.
  • Focus on switching mode between explo and GTO play - USE LOGIC! DONT BE MONKEY!
  • Analyze every morning before session top 5 hands + all marked hands from yesterday. (Make it a habit!)
  • Finish carrotcorner scholarship Grade 2 and practice every new strategy on GTO wizard.

About hand volume I dont really have exact goal. It will depends on how many tables I will play and what my winrate will be (less winrate = study more outside of the tables). Overall I would be happy with 80-100k hands if things goes well.

Last tip for January
If you have extra money I recommend you to invest in to electric standing desk. I just got mine couple days ago. Even I never had long term problems with my back this help me work longer and more effectively. Usually I am sitting 4hrs and standing 4hrs a day. There are much more benefits to it but I dont want to make this post super long. You can watch some youtube video for that.
Here is my setup:


Jan. 31, 2023 | 10:30 p.m.

Quick update:

Its just 2 days since my last post however some things changed so I want to comment on this.

My downswing continue so I spent yesterday and today like 4-5 hrs reading blogs here on RIO to get some inspiration. What I learned is that most people recommend during downswing stop pushing volume, study more and have better table selection.
I also find out interesting post from guy "Freenachos" where he compared 231 players with 100k+ hand played of zoom and 238 players who played 200k+ hands on reg tables. Where average reg from reg tables has 2.7bb/100 better winrate than zoom player. So I decide instead of 4 zoom tables play 4 reg + 1 zoom.

So I reduce my hand/hr from 900 to 600 + I am now very strict with table selection
With this rules I put 5k hands yesterday and 3k hands today and lost both days 10 buyins each day :D
Here is graph from January (I didnt play much on the beggining of the month so its more like last 14days.

I experienced couple 30-40 buyin swings in past but having this on micro stakes and lossing 7bb/100 on nl10 after having 10bb+ winrate on HU mid stakes 2 years ago is now very painfull.
I am trying to use this pain as motivation + not checking results during the day helps me alot. I think I can still play my A-game like 95% of the time but this being more and more harder.

For fun I checked all my PF allins in last 4 days (80bb+ shove or call) with my range being JJ+ AKo/AKs and I lost 15 out of 16 PF allins (Just won one KK vs QQ) and those supposed to be 50/50.

Either it as just bad variance only or my poor skill combined with bad variance I should look for game improvement. I am now strongly concidering CFP program from the guy Freenachos who I already mentioned or CFP from pokerdetox.
I will do some more research and hopefull choose best option. If anyone will have some tips about CFP or coaching in general I would appriciate any advice here or on my discord: MartinVee#3148

I still have in mind my goals for rest of the month however I am not going to play 5k+ hands everyday because I have now less hand per hour and I want to focus more on studying, hand review, reg analysis, reading more blogs, finding good poker program, etc. So I will aim more like for 8hrs/day with poker. Not just exact volume.

Jan. 20, 2023 | 10:36 p.m.

Thank you alot for message.
yeah good point and I agree with you. I have now no clue what my skill level is. I used to play nl50 like 5 years ago and than played alots of heads up. So my plan is now starting pretty much from zero, play like 100k on nl10 zoom very fast and see what my skill level is. Than I will decide if I should push more volume or studying I guess

Jan. 19, 2023 | 7:59 p.m.

December 2022

I play around 100 hours on nl5 zoom with around 4-5bb winrate. Than I start having big problems on nl10 and relaize that I will need to work on my game much more.

January 2023

Since 12th of January I bought kanu7 course for 1.000$ and start focusing on poker hardcore. Usually last couple days I study 3-4 hrs and play 6-7 hrs a day. Here is graph of my last 6-7 days

I am not sure if I am that bad or its just variance. However losing on micro stakes motivates me alot for improving. Thats also why I just started with this blog today.

Course I bought seem too complicated for micros so I will for now focus mainly on playing. Or If anyone can recommend me some good materials for studying for nl10-25 I would really appreciated it.

Goals for rest of the month:

-play every day 5k+ hands
-Focus on health: Cold shower, 3times a week gym/run, no sugar


Jan. 19, 2023 | 3:51 p.m.

Hello and welcome in my poker blog,
my name is Martin and I am from Czech Republic. I used to play heads up holdem up nl1k however I was just waiting for fishes and running away from regs so my game skill was very poor concider stakes. I invested all earnings in to realesate/stocks and took 2 years break from poker. Now I would like come back but for 6max holdem. Starting on micro stakes with 100$. I think my skill level is currently around breakeven nl25 6MAX stars player.

What I expect from this blog:

-Track my goals
-Find people on simillar level for study together, share knowledge, review hands, etc (add me on discord if interested: MartinVee#3148)
-Inspire and motivate others
-Talk about investing little bit, make solid passive income and finally ESCAPE THE MATRIX!

I plan to post here once month with summary and goals for next month + during the month randomly add smaller posts if I will have someting interesting to say. Also will focus on giving some tips what I learned in each month so hopefull you can get something usefull from my blog as well :)

Jan. 19, 2023 | 3:31 p.m.

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