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Suppose that the game is not anon. What is the plan for future hands if you decide to hero such an obvious overcall? What do you do the next time he bets big on the board where he has a lot of bluff candidates and a small value range? Try MDF?

May 17, 2023 | 8:13 p.m.

Panda, could you please post your estimates about "ratted other hu regs for over 6 figs". This claim is absolutely wild. Let me try to do the arithmetics.

HU BB GTO loserate is around 11bb/100. At least that's what I have in my random potato preflop SIM.

IP EV is .6105 bb and .5 of them are his own money from posting SB.

So for 10/20 each extra button is worth around 2.2$. Now 100k$ / 2.2$ = 45454 extra BTNs for Nuno to play. Which if true is a monumental achievement.

PS: During writing this post I was buttoned twice by dogginen on IPoker. Shootout to dogginen.

Nov. 23, 2022 | 8:37 p.m.

Nuno probably plays more BBs than BTNs cos ppl tend to quit with "Leave next BB" button and he only gives up pools to you and several other top regs.

Nov. 23, 2022 | 12:24 a.m.

GTOLABs is obviously selling soft for botting. "The trees are solved for up to six relevant sizings resulting in a split range with various distributions, meaning sometimes betsize X will be dominant, sometimes betsize Y, and sometimes check." Yeah a learning tool. lul

Dec. 21, 2019 | 1:48 a.m.

yeah I got one. Also it doesn't seem to deviate from a template much.

They wrote that " have various systems that detect players that are involved in collusion and/or are using prohibited 3-rd party software". And that I can write them more info if I want.

Nov. 23, 2019 | 9 p.m.

Tnx, Jeff. Yeah I wrote to the support. It is hard to find a proof since in poker-networks reasonably smart cheater will never give you a decent sample.

Oct. 27, 2019 | 7:31 a.m.

The player in question is Ty1erDurden1. He poped up recently, he sits all the regs,
and it seems like nobody wants to play against him.
His non-standard playing style and lobby behavior made me suspect that something questionable is going on.

Couple days ago I asked him his stars name and he said "darth vader" or something similar.
I haven't recognize this name and I promised him that I'll give him action on 1k iPoker
if he sits me in PS zoom200 and say "hello!".
By this proving that he at least is not banned by Stars.
As reply he just leaved the table.

Today once again he was sitting everybody in the lobby including me
and nobody was giving him action. After like 8th time he sitted me
I've asked him for the skype. And he asked why. I said that if he
can confirm to me that he is playing fair I'll give him action.
He taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanked and then
said that he doesn't have to confirm anything to ME.
And quitted. Not only me but also the lobby altogether.

Maybe he is a fair player and just gone to sleep
but maybe he is a cheater and is cashing out now.

Also I want to emphasize that deal I suggested to him was pretty good.
I'm a part time player and a pretty big bumhunter, so if
you can beat anybody in 1k lobby than you will be printing vs me.

Oct. 25, 2019 | 11:13 p.m.

PPS: You have the same leak as Tyler Forrester used to have: you put descriptions of colors in your tables too low. The problem is that if one stops the video to read those descriptions the video progress bar pops up and blocks the view.

Oct. 8, 2019 | 6:07 p.m.

Hey Cory, very cool video!
The software you use to make this graphs is awesome. Is it private or public?

PS: ATM the video doesn't show up if I filter for HU tables.

Oct. 8, 2019 | 5:56 p.m.

Comment | racdbn commented on Showdown Value Bluffs

Uri Peleg Related to the second part of homework "how to exploit a linear caller".
(1) get tighter when the turn second/third pair pairs OTR.
(2) avoid x/calling river, since there is no bluffs in his range.
(3) cbet-jam a bit more loose on rivers bringing straights.
(4) bet looser if river pairs the lowest pair.

Aug. 16, 2019 | 10:51 a.m.

Comment | racdbn commented on Showdown Value Bluffs

dancinglions, Uri Peleg Are you sure? The clean outs theory does not explain call with J7, IMHO. I would guess that it is much more important to unblock QT, Q8 which probably have a decent frequency of b/b/x.

Aug. 16, 2019 | 8:47 a.m.

Hey Antonio, could you please explain why A5 is betting so much more then A6 on 05:24. It seems like your argument explaining x with A6 should work for A5 too. My only idea is that with A5 we want to avoid bigger bets from opponents 6x. But I'm not sure and even if it is true I don't know how to make decision efficiently in play.

Aug. 12, 2019 | 11:46 p.m.

Very cool video! Also it is hard to read hands categories. Every time I stop the video to do this the menu pops up and covers them :(

Aug. 11, 2019 | 11:02 p.m.

Comment | racdbn commented on GTO or GTNO?

ethanrox For me it seems like the GTO solution for the subtree can be not a part of any GTO solution of a full tree. I.e. you play GTO from the turn but OP can counter your turn strategy by doing some exploitative stuff on the flop. But I'm too lazy to try to invent the example.

Aug. 11, 2019 | 10:23 p.m.

Comment | racdbn commented on GTO or GTNO?

Saulo Ribeiro, it is possible for the game to have multiple Nash solutions. Suppose that board ran out something like AAAAK, then every possible river strategy is GTO :) Great video, btw.

Aug. 11, 2019 | 10:05 p.m.

28:14 You say we can 4bet ATo for value vs 33% 3betting range which sounds pretty crazy for me. Could you explain in more details please.

I assume that reasons are position and ability to dominate weaker Ax, Tx... But still ATo has only like 40% 3bets vs 85% open so for me it looks like it should be pretty passive vs 33% 3bet

July 22, 2019 | 4:42 a.m.

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