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Comment | ENEMYfu commented on How do you study?

Thanks so much for your insights bambi99333

Would you be interested in studying together? I'm starting with the Preflop section aswell, I'd like to share thoughts ideas with you guys :)

March 20, 2021 | 7:25 p.m.

I'd also be interested in joining your studies, also starting from scratch again with this course + his book, pm me if I may be able to join!

March 17, 2021 | 12:17 p.m.


I'm new to PLO, switching from NLH and I've purchased the from the ground UP course for PLO - would I be able to join aswell? I'm not playing NL10z yet tho :P

best regards!

Feb. 13, 2021 | 3:10 p.m.

Post | ENEMYfu posted in Courses Forum: course study group


after going through the first chapter of the course, I'm gonna start working with the Preflop section on Monday. Because study groups have done great for me in my time in NLH, I wanted to create one for PLO, especially for people working with the same content. Therefore I'm looking for 3, maybe 4 people to work with closely, where we go through the content together, help each other with specific problems, share hands etc.

Some requirements for people to join:

  • no bad beat postings, crying about variance etc.
  • you can invest some time into the group, i.e. preparing the content we want to discuss etc.
  • you've ambitions to climb the stakes, so maybe this group goes from micro to midstakes together

how we want to structure the group exactly we are going to discuss once it's established :)

if this sounds like you, just post here in the thread and I'll set up a discord server, if some people are interested :)

best regards!

Feb. 13, 2021 | 11:25 a.m.

I agree, a good practice would be to count how many combos of Value you triple barrel there, and get into a Ratio of 2:1 Value:Bluff OTR. Also, consider how Villains Callingrange looks like on flop+turn, so you have his Range OTR aswell. Now you not only know your range, so you know how many bluffs you need. Additionally, you also know Villains range, you see how it is constructed in your opinion and now you can construct your bluffing range accordingly.

Dec. 31, 2020 | 9:13 a.m.

I'd be interested aswell!

April 27, 2020 | 1:24 p.m.

Your folding to cbet stats are also way too low. Generally speaking, the further down people cbet (turn/river), in most cases people underbluff heavily. So look to find more folds. Also, I'd advice to play 3bet or fold from the SB and cut away all the coldcalling there.

Preflop seems to be the easiest way to fix some of your leaks, so I'd advice to watch Patrick Sekinger vids about Preflop, as well as the vids from Francesco Lacriola.

April 27, 2020 | 12:11 p.m.

Comment | ENEMYfu commented on PLO micro Study Group

I'd also be interested in joining a group! Hit me up or lets create a new one? (:

April 13, 2019 | 1:09 p.m.

Comment | ENEMYfu commented on uPLO Study Group

I'd be interested aswell!

Feb. 25, 2017 | 11:26 p.m.

Hey guys,

I've been really tired of playing NLH, as it seems as boring as it can get at the moment. Lost all the motivation to learn in to long run, and I've been thinking about switching to PLO for a long time and I've a few questions about my approach.

Since I masstabled most of my NLH days, I really want to focus on improving rather then on results. That being said, I was wondering whether playing 2 Tables Zoom PLO or focusing on 4 normal tables and "bumhunt" and focusing on getting reads is the better way to go in terms of learning? I'm kinda worried that playing 4 Tables only will just not make it in terms of volume, even tho bb/100 should be way higher.
I'll start from the very bottom of PLO2, so what would you suggest?

best regards!

Feb. 22, 2017 | 6:16 p.m.

Hand History | ENEMYfu posted in NLHE: 4nl TPTK facing river donkbet. Hero call?
HJ: $4.63 (Hero)
CO: $1.77
BN: $4.65
SB: $4
BB: $4.07
UTG: $4
Villain seems to be a tight aggressive player. Not much else known about him.
Preflop ($0.06) (6 Players)
Hero was dealt A K
Hero raises to $0.12, CO folds, BN folds, SB calls $0.10, BB folds
Flop ($0.28) K T 2 (3 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $0.19, SB calls $0.19
Turn ($0.66) 6 (3 Players)
SB checks, Hero bets $0.46, SB calls $0.46
River ($1.58) T (3 Players)
SB bets $0.72, Hero calls $0.72
I make this crying call because villain's line doesn't make any sense to me: KT and 22 would probably raise the flop to protect against the flush draw, AT, KT, JT and the like would probably fold on the turn, flushes would probably raise the turn so I'm expecting to see some weird bluff here 33% of the time. What do you guys think?

Sept. 11, 2014 | 3:55 p.m.

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