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Hi Alex, great video!

What stack sizes are we talking here, is the BB defending off of 5-7bb?

March 12, 2021 | 10:47 a.m.

Currently have a Lenovo Yoga 510. Have had some issues with it thus far(motherboard failure)and find it's just not powerful enough to run poker sites properly-Sound lags on stars and party and the action is very sluggish on 888. Do you know anything about Gaming laptops?

Nov. 27, 2018 | 4:11 p.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Gaming Desktop/Laptop Advice

Hey guys,

Looking to buy a good laptop or desktop for poker, has anyone any suggestions?

Nov. 22, 2018 | 9:27 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Which PIO to buy?

Is there much difference between and basic and pro from your experience?

July 27, 2018 | 3:21 p.m.

Do you mind me asking who you are staked by or if you know any staking firms with good reviews/references?

July 6, 2018 | 1:11 p.m.

Thanks for the reply man. By my arrogance I meant I thought I was better than I was (in my own head). It's not like I was berating other players or laughing at them when I beat them. I have my chat turned off. Thank you for the feedback though, I appreciate it. Poker is a very humbling game! :)

July 6, 2018 | 1:09 p.m.

Have you been staked yourself?Read an article on upswingpoker about how staking seems great but make up can become almost unrecoverable in some cases.

July 5, 2018 | 9:43 p.m.

Hey man thanks for the reply!

1)Yes! It took me about 5months to realize it might not be luck anymore, but thankfully I copped on!

2)I tend to have my chat turned off, in general I find people online to be quite negative/hostile, but ya I will give it a try!

3)Sorry, I may have wrote that wrong. Naturally I got into poker because I loved the game. What I meant by 'the money' was that at the time I could make more playing poker than I could from my degree job. I am really not sure if this is the case anymore. I play poker full-time by the way, it has always been my sole source of income.

4)As far as getting back....I am just not sure what route I should take right now. I have always felt 50% of my profit was far too much to be giving away. It's sort of a last ditch attempt to reach the heights I always wanted to get to. Perhaps I am being greedy and should be just happy with how I am doing, I really don't know.

What games do you play yourself?I appreciate you taking the time to reply man!

July 4, 2018 | 6:15 p.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Should I quit or get staked?

Hey guys,

This post might be longish so please bear with me, I REALLY need some advice from fellow players.

I have been playing poker full time now for just over 4 years. I play low to mid-stakes sngs and mtts with an ABI of about $18, achieving a 30% ROI over 20k+ games. However, in the last 18months, I have found my results have stagnated, largely being due to my arrogance (thinking I was better than I was), running bad deep in big mtts and the field becoming much tougher.
Without doubt, my arrogance has cost me the most. I had a really good end to 2016, I was gradually moving up in stakes and my results were getting better and better-I was final tabling 'Bigs' and having deep runs in higher stakes mtts I had satted on various different sites. This was all without doing any real study or work on my game-this is where my arrogance/false sense of belief came from. I have no friends in poker so I had nobody to tell me where I was going wrong or what I should be working on, I sort of just learnt the came on my own as I went along. All my friends have 'real' jobs and only play for fun the odd time.

There is a lot more I can say but I feel like I am rambling so I will try get to the point. I am currently making about $600 p/w playing poker(I have been working on my game the last 12 months), roughly a 40hour grind. However I am feeling incredibly unfullfilled. I see twicthers and other players I follow on twitter hitting big scores and playing big live events. I have never been backed and I am starting to wonder is this the route I need to go to take the next step? I have a college degree with a job that pays twice on what I am currently making at the tables, I hate it though.
I got into poker for the money and freedom but now I feel like I no longer have either. I don't know what to do, I am at a crossroads with nobody to bounce my mind off so any advice will be greatly appreciated if anyone has felt similar or got backed etc.

PS.Sorry I know it's a ramble!

July 4, 2018 | 11:24 a.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Renting an apartment

Hey man, recently had to do this.

I said I work for an IT company and got my mate to write me a letter pretending to be my boss confirming that I work there.
They wanted my work contract and bank statements which naturally I could not provide.
I told them it was illegal to provide such docs in a foreign country.
If you have time, just lodge money into your bank acc each month and type some company name on it, should do the trick.
I ended up having to pay 4 months rent up front as a deposit to put their minds at ease.

April 6, 2018 | 6:13 p.m.

Invest in pio solver/flopzilla. Write down the hands live that you want to look at. Reviewing HH is just getting other people's opinions, not the answer. GL

March 15, 2018 | 11:07 a.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Sticky FT spot

Hey guys,

Found myself in a sticky final table spot and would like to know your opinions.
Not going to give ye the exact chip stacks because A)I actually can't find the hand in my database and B) Apart from 3 other stacks it is sort of irrelevant.

-$22 prog.ko final table on party.
-Hero has 15bb in the bb with over $200 on my head, holding KQs.
-Folds around to the sb, who is the chip leader with over 100bb. He rips.
-2 other stacks have 15bb and the rest of the players have 50bb+

Ran it in ICMizer giving villain 89% jamming range, results:
-Chip bb ev:6.20bb
-ICM$ ev: 53.88
ICM%ev: 0.22%

In game, I called, my main reasoning being there was not much difference $wise in finishing 8th or 6th (thinking about 2 other 15bb stacks)
Have been talking about this hand with some friends whose games I respect and their opinions have been split. Some saying it's ICM suicide.

What you guys think??


March 14, 2018 | 11:30 a.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Study Group

Looking to build a group of solid winning mid stakes players to do hh reviews with and general poker chat.

Any takers?

Aug. 25, 2017 | 7 p.m.

Does Tiger poker get good traffic? What are the mtts schedule and sngs like?

Aug. 22, 2017 | 12:19 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on FT spot and ICM

Ordinarily I am never ripping here it's just because the situation is so sick ICM wise.
I prefer flatting to induce one of the blinds rather than 3b'ing, you really don't want to 3b call and 3b folding AK off this stack is horrible too.

Aug. 18, 2017 | 4:42 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Best laptops for poker?

Not sure if I can go with Dell again, 2 laptops in a row that have broken down repeatedly. Just looking up the razor blade, not outrageous for $1399...(payed almost 1500 euro for alienware 2.5years ago) it's a tempting option....do you play much online?

You mentioned that other laptops have the similar power for much less, could you name 1 or 2 for me please? Much appreciate your feedback here mate.

Aug. 17, 2017 | 4:15 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Best laptops for poker?

I move around often wouldn't be convenient atm..

Aug. 16, 2017 | 9:48 a.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Best laptops for poker?

Heres the thing, alienware is dell and my laptop befire that was dell too, another brick of shit. What you play on yourself? Know anything about Asus ones.?

Aug. 15, 2017 | 10:14 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on FT spot and ICM

I would probably just rip.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 6:23 p.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Best laptops for poker?

Hey guys,

So my Alienware has broken down for the 3rd time in 2.5 years, complete piece of shit.

Any suggestions on a good, durable replacement? Willing to spend up to 1500euro.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 5:14 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on ExPro comeback.

Balls to make a comeback in the current climate, I salute you!

Feel free to message me if you want to run any tricky hands by me or any poker related question really. (MTT)

Aug. 15, 2017 | 1:36 p.m.

HI Mark, I have been playing poker professionally for almost 4 years now, all online. If you have any questions you would like to run by me regarding the game feel free to message me, happy to help out pal.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 1:32 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Smart Backing

You should read Doug Polk's article on being backed before you consider such a commitment. You can find it on upswing twitter page.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 1:27 p.m.

Stars current rakeback scheme is more or less gone. Party and 888 are strong sites at the moment. Don't be fooled about the player pool however. There are lots of strong regs on these sites (fish there too ofc)
Stars will always have the the weakest fields simply due to the size of the player pool but you also need to be 5x luckier to win one the these fields.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 1:25 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on BOOKS

Depends what level you are on, beginner, intermediate?
Any of J.Little's books on low stakes mtts are good for beginners, give you a strong basis for learning the basics.
Best book I have read for advanced poker players is Chris Moorman's books.

Hope this helps.

Aug. 15, 2017 | 1:22 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Help me understand

PM me mate if you want to ask me about any poker terms, more than happy to help!

July 24, 2017 | 8:44 p.m.

Looks solid but you should be aiming to make 20% roi on whatever sngs your playing ,it's doable. Personally I think 18mans are a waste of time. Especially with the new rake back thing. 9man min cash is $24, 18man min cash is the same but your going through 14 more players. Maybe that's a closed minded way of looking at it but it's how I see it.

July 24, 2017 | 5:20 p.m.

Comment | LZ11 commented on Quitting poker for good

Why not just move to tournaments?

July 24, 2017 | 5:07 p.m.

Post | LZ11 posted in Chatter: Cooler or a spew?

$44 Sunday Marathon

-UTG limps off 100bb
-Folds to the button(reg) 3x's off 100bb.
-SB flats off 100bb
-Hero 4x 3bets off 70bb in the BB with QQ
-UTG folds, button 4bet jams, sb folds

OK, so we know utg is a fish, nobody is concerned with him. Button can be isolating pretty wide here, hence my 3bet. Since the the button is a decent reg too I would be expecting him to call my 3bet in position with plenty of worse hands-suited cons, suited Ax hands, 2s-JJ, broadway etc so I am also 3betting for value.
When he 4bet rips I am essentially dead, right? He is never 4bet jamming JJ this deep or AK this deep so its KK/AA. I know its sick to 3b fold QQ btn v blinds especially taking into account he was iso'ing a limper in the first place but 3b fold is the right move here isn't it? A large part of the reason I called (and lost to KK) was I was watching Doug Polk is a video recently saying he is happy to play for 100bb in a button v blinds situation with AK....if he's happy here with AK surely QQ is good enough?
Apologies for long rantish post,

Appreciate any feedback,


July 24, 2017 | 4:57 p.m.

Hey guys, sorry for not replying earlier, god this new rake back this is absolutely shit :(

July 13, 2017 | 9:17 p.m.

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